The Witcher 3 Dev Assures PS4 Framerate Will Be Better On Launch, More Gameplay Footage Released

Check out footage from the PC version.

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BecauseImBatman1257d ago

Well there you go, day one patch should clear up the framerate issues... can't wait to get my copy next week.

Kurisu1256d ago

I've never played a Witcher game but I'm gonna give this a shot at some point. I might as well wait for the price of the game to go down though because I've already got a few RPG's on the go that I'd like to get around to finishing first.

Hellsvacancy1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Sorry to be the bringer-downer but I pretty sure it'll need more than a day 1 patch, games of this magnitude are bound to have other problems

I'm not doubting CDPRs development skills, I just can't shake the feeling that even the smallest of games have their fair share of problems/bugs etc

WellyUK1256d ago

It's to be expected from big games with large environments, just look at Skyrim that had issues on launch as did Dragon Age Inquisition. Doesn't mean the games going to be bad as both Skyrim and Dragon Age were fantastic.

sevilha821256d ago

I understand,but i really don´t mind either,as long that their not gamebreaking,wich i doubt that,Read Dead Redemption was one of the most bugd,glitched riddled game of all time,and still is one of the best games i´ve played in my life,the bugs wont "bug me" as long the game is a masterpiece,wich gets more and more noticeble by the day,that in fact is a new masterpiece of videogaming roleplay. =)

HaveAsandwich1256d ago

open world games have bugs. all i care is that they fix the framerate, and there are no game breaking issues. im fine with small bugs. it happens. always will.

WCxAlchemist1256d ago

Xbox framerate runs at a smooth 30fps thanx to dynamic scaling game runs at 1080p but when needed during battle ect the reso scales back to 900p to assure a smooth framerate genius if you ask me. Sony should think of doing the same

1256d ago
Kal-V31256d ago

Unless the reviewer at an xbox site that i saw was playing on a PS4 version, the XBox 1 version has frame rate issues too.

MasterCornholio1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Then why were reviewers sent copies of the PS4 version to review then?

Especially with the Xbox marketing deal in place.



Like I was saying before there's a reason why they sent the PS4 version instead of the XB1 version. If both versions were identical or if the XB1 version was better they would have sent out copies of that version especially with the marketing deal that they have with Microsoft.

I'm not saying the XB1 version will be bad I'm expecting it to be great. But maybe the XB1 wasn't ready to get sent out to reviewers but the PS4 version was.

Raider691256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Exactly if the Xbox one was more stable than the PS4 im certain that review copies would have been sent.

AstroCyborg1255d ago

they sent out the ps4 copies because the ps4 sold more its not rocket science

MasterCornholio1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )


Even with the marketing deal with Microsoft?

I don't think so. Microsoft would never let them advertise the PS4 version over the XB1 version unless there was something wrong with it.

Edit: in talking about the review copies. I'm sure the retail XB1 copy is just fine.

Raider691256d ago

Where did you saw any framerate test or mention on the better Xbox one framerate??There is no face off or test to the framerate done yet!

Letthewookiewin1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

@WC - I recommend buying a PS4 so you have the best console version of Witcher 3. Then you also don't have to bash it anymore.

wegetsignalx1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

As of patch 1.01 PS4 has higher resolution and framerate according to Gamersyde and others with hands on impressions.

X1 suffers from frame pacing and runs at 900p most of the time according to NXGamer.

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bomajed1256d ago

That was an amazing preview, just making the wait much harder!

TripC501256d ago

I remember when "going gold" meant that the game had ended development and was ready to be put on discs. Now it just means "We're putting the unfinished buggy game on discs now yay...we'll fix it later Woo!"

thekhurg1256d ago

No. Issues arise during late development that can thankfully be addressed with a quick day one patch. You've clearly never been involved with modern game development if you're trying to compare it to games from several generations ago. Things are far more complicated now then they ever were in the past. CDPR has shipped a fully functional game, reviewers have said as much.

USMC431256d ago

Reviewers also never mentioned how broken Unity was last year. You think that matters?

thekhurg1256d ago

I don't recall them addressing it either way. Unlike witcher 3 reviews where they did bring up that the game has minor issues and the occasional crash. Which, for a game of this scope is perfectly reasonable.

rainslacker1256d ago

The problems are often known before they go gold, but deadlines require that the game be put on disc, and then they more often than not scramble to get the most serious one's fixed before release. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

And I have been involved in modern day game development. They teach what I said above in game design classes nowadays because it's pretty common practice.

barb_wire1256d ago

Well, for those interested, I've read that at Target, 'Witcher 3' is $59.99 but you get the $25 strategy guide for free.

bananaboats1256d ago

Whoa whoa this real? And in this in the U.S?

barb_wire1256d ago

Well, take a look for yourself.. the ad pictured is from Southern California but pretty sure it'll be nationwide (they usually are). Scroll about half way down the page.

bananaboats1256d ago

Wow, thanks for that. Ill have to give me local target a call and see if they have the same deal.

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