All 8 Assassin's Creed Games Ranked From Worst to Best

A new Assassin's Creed has been announced, and aside from speculating, it's time to wonder how the other games rank. Luckily, we've got ours right here.

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Mikelarry1257d ago

I swear anytime we get a new ac game this list pops up

Anyway i do agree 2 was the peak of this franchise as it was an ac game not a pirate game slapped with an ac sticker and you actually cared for the character and the story. Every other ac game and i mean every other instalment after two has been mediocre and not true to what made this franchise so great. Ah well

Magicite1257d ago

Gameplay wise AC has improved greatly, but plot has become worse.

crazychris41241257d ago

Don't care if you have 8 steps on finding the lost city of Atlantis. Not clicking on 8 different pages. At least put 2 or 3 per page. Wasn't shocked to see this was from twinfinite. AC 2, brotherhood and Black flag are my top 3. Worst that I've played is revelations. Had to force myself to finish it since I was so bored. Never played Unity so I can't rank it.

DawginTow11257d ago

It's very frustrating that w/ so many articles involving a list, it's a safe bet each game will be another page.

It's not even about principle, "they're forcing more clicks", tho that's real too. No, for me it's just the annoyance. It's a shame too, cuz maybe they'll have sumthin good to say; but I'm not clicking thru 8, 10 or whatever pgs to get to it

_FantasmA_1257d ago

1 then 2. The others were just more of the same and I couldn't complete them except for 4 which I only beat for the platinum.

Bathyj1257d ago

I pretty much agree with the order of this list but I would put Brotherhood at the front. I think it got the most stuff right.

Travis37081257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

I disagree with that
Here's mine from best to worst
#1 AC Brotherhood
#2 AC 2
#3 AC
#4 AC revelations
#5 Unity
#6 AC 3
#7 AC BF
#8 AC Rouge (Never played this one, but it's #8 for now)

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The story is too old to be commented.