Ubisoft’s Strategy “Is Paying Off Handsomely;” Uplay Members Increase by 54% in 2014

During the financial conference call for the latest fiscal year, Ubisoft President Yves Guillemot commented about the results of the company’s strategy, and announced the results for the online service Uplay for last year.

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HaveSumNuts1345d ago

How? By shoving Uplay in our faces at any point they can. By completely locking in-game features if you're not signed into Uplay. Congrads Ubisoft

mep691345d ago

They would increase by 100% if they deleted UPlay and didn't lie about their games during the publicity phase.

Yi-Long1345d ago

I hate uPlay: it has absolutely NO value to me as a consumer, but it's FORCED upon me by Ubisoft if I want to play one of their games.

It actually devalues their products and their Ubisoft brand-image.

ChronoJoe1345d ago

Sales are down on PC, but only by 1% year on year, yet still up from previous years. Not much evidence to suggest uplay has had much of an effect on sales.

People complain so adamantly, but they still end up buying the games. What message do you think that sends?

clouds51345d ago

@chrono joe: I don't think people are saying that Uplay is so bad you won't buy ubisoft games anymore. But it's just annoying. It adds nothing, no value, it servers no purpose. I wish it would go away.

ChronoJoe1344d ago

What about the awful game design, poor optimisation and technical performance then? If the inconvenience of uplay isn't enough, then what about all the other problems with Ubisofts games?

At the end of the day, if consumers are bothered by something they do need to stop purchasing the products if they hope anything will change. Ubisoft won't produce better games if consumers will buy bad ones, and uplay won't go away if consumers still buy their games while uplay is required.

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Takwin1345d ago

I refuse to buy Ubisoft games on PC despite a beefy rig. I just get them on PS4 once they are cheap and eBay them right after beating them. Their games "cost" me about $5 or less.

BassMan1251345d ago

But did gamers buy games from Uplay? NO.

PlayableGamez1345d ago

Only because you are forcing Steam users to install Uplay in order to play your games.

Antifan1345d ago

Just because I have Uplay on my machine doesn't mean I like it or want it. My PC recognized Uplay as malware. Even my PC doesn't like Uplay.

eldingo1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

my steam account and harddrive gasped as i downloaded the dreaded uplay on to them as it commenced they asked me why i would do such a thing to them i told them because i must play far cry 3 cause steam sales they asked me if it was worth it after the deed was done and uplay had infested them with its awfulness i told them i would find out soon i booted up far cry 3 and then something i knew to be true happened the servers of ubisoft were down so no game for me.

uplay out of 10 never doing that again.

crazychris41241345d ago

Uplay is working and a great service because more people are using it is like saying Comcast is great because they have a lot of customers. We have no choice on PC but to use Ucrap in order to play your games. Of course the numbers are going to go up. My computer recognizes Ucrap as malware too.

diesoft1345d ago

Everything you said was completely accurate but when I was reading your comment I can't help but look at your avatar. I mean...I...can't...look... away...

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