Grand Theft Auto V – Mod Completely Removes Chromatic Aberration

DSOGaming writes: "Chromatic Aberration is considered one of the most annoying graphical effects, especially when developers do not offer an option to disable it in their games. And as you may have guessed, GTA V is one of those games. Well, great news everyone as a modder has released a mod that completely removes this graphical effect."

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Hazmat131257d ago

never heard of the graphic effect? some one wanna explain? cause the pictures are not working.

raWfodog1257d ago

I had to educate myself just now. Here's what I found:

TWB1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

I googled around and the best image that explained the effect for me was this (from dying light)

EDIT: and now after hearing what it is, I recognize seeing it from a couple of games.

Khajiit861256d ago

I see it in GTA a lot and I hope Rockstar fix it themselves. Its my only problem I have in the game. Tried all kinds of stuff in settings to fix it but it looks like it needs a mod or maybe a patch. I hate that GTA5 is not mod friendly. Petition time? I really am considering pirating a version so I could mod without worries and still play original for online. I have the physical copy, I could have bought the game for $30 but I went out and got retail because Rockstar deserve the money but I am disappointed about the mods.

Shinuz1257d ago

Just go to google image and search for it. Plenty of pictures there.

LackTrue4K1257d ago

I had to google "Chromatic Aberration"

cmgs1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Optical lenses have different refractive index for different wavelengths ( different colored lights). If you take a white sheeth of paper, look at it's left / right edge and turn your head left snd right, you'll notice that blue-purple or yellow-red lines appearing from different angles, if you have glasses it will be much more noticeable. Chromatic aberration effect tries to replicate that effect in games.

CyrusLemont1256d ago

I've always wondered what this is actually called. I just called it the "Hollywood lens effect" haha, seriously when you watch big blockbusters, that spectral distortion on the edges of objects kind of gives a nice little finish to a film.

I noticed a lot of games had started using it. I kind of assumed it was to make them more cinematic.

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wakeNbake1257d ago

I think it looks good on GTA5 and Bloodborne.

oasdada1257d ago

Yea i kinda like this effect too.. i think its also in dying light..

TWB1257d ago

I noticed it pretty easily in BB and think its really off but dont really remember it when I played GTA V on PS4, its probably a little more subtle in GTA V.

Still though, most of the time it just doesnt look right.

mochachino1257d ago

I agree with GTA V, but Bloodborne needs to dial it back A lot.

Psychotica1257d ago

I am just amazed that people actually notice that stuff..

Pandamobile1257d ago

It sticks out like a sore thumb of you have good eyesight and know what it is.

Psychotica1257d ago

Yeah, I am sure you are right. I just don't notice those type of things.

BitbyDeath1257d ago

Same, I just like to play games.

DoomeDx1257d ago

I do photography. Chromatic aberration is something photographers try to avoid in there pictures.

With that said, this effect annoys me. A lot. Glad there is a mod to get rid of it.

I honestly do not get the appeal of this effect..It looked great on Alien: Isolation though because it made it feel more 80's.

cmgs1257d ago

80's had some extreme aberration. It is even worse in tribute stuff. Remember the True Survivor video released a couple weeks ago?

plmkoh1256d ago

Well then clearly you are a boring photographer. There is nothing to 'avoid' in photography except your own lack of imagination.

If you do not get the appeal, then you have no artistic vision.

...oh yeah I do photography too, do I get to claim false sense authority?

Linsolv1256d ago

There's an ironic reversal going on in digital art (film and now it seems gaming) where things that result from flaws in cameras rather than things that you see with your eyes -- lens flares, chromatic aberration, poor depth of field -- are being put back in on purpose because that's what people are used to seeing on screen. It makes it feel more "real," even though as I already said, it is something that people using the real tools generally try to avoid or at least take into consideration.

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