Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Ubisoft Delivers an Apology and a Promise to do Better

COG writes - Whether it's a refreshing change of pace or a smart and calculated PR move it's nice to see that Ubisoft recognizes how badly it screwed up with Assassin's Creed Unity. In today's reveal of AC Syndicate they not only acknowledged it but they promised that this time around they'd do better.

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Paulhammer1256d ago

Hopefully this one actually runs, or changes up the formula a bit? Please?

georgenancy1256d ago

from what i've seen from the developer walkthrough,it looks the same really.Looks like ac unity with grappling hooks and carriages

Games4Gamers1256d ago

They can be sorry all they want. I am still not buying their games unless s**t changes

morganfell1256d ago

They need to complete the title:

"Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Ubisoft Delivers an Apology and a Promise to do Better...By Announcing A Season Pass On The Same Day The Game Is Revealed"

Mr Pumblechook1256d ago

Ubisoft did not apologise.

The writer is wearing rose-tinted glasses but to say to say they have is to mislead the people here that Ubisoft have made a statement meaning 'we've learnt from our mistakes.'

Blurmobjet1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

They may have apologized, but the intention to deliver a quality game is no longer a guarantee this generation. Developers are in a state of having to prove themselves all over again and they dropped the ball big time their last game.

Sorry but I'll wait to see if there are any issues before I picked this one up.

Kidmyst1255d ago

One big problem with developers is the copy paste concept. Most big franchises now days that sell well are very similar to the previous. Madden and sports games sell like mad, same game, different players, skins and some new features. Many shooters too, COD's feel the same, run around and shoot but different guns, different maps and features how upgrades work are different. but the overall concept isn't much different. Another Big problem now is rushed games, broken and over flooding the market. Instead of a new game or more a year of the same franchise, space them out and give us more fresh ideas. If Bethesda put out a new Fallout/Elder Scrolls every year would we be as excited for it? This is what will kill the AC franchise.

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HumanatPlay1256d ago

Seriously for the love of sanity! Ubisoft must remove head from ass. The best apology to fans is putting this franchise on ice for at least 2 years and working on it. Give fans time to fucking miss this game. Fans need to not buy this game, its the same thing waiting to happen.

Ghoul1255d ago

i agree with you.

just a side fact, if the hold the franchise NOW they gonna loose insane amounts of money since such structures are sceduled at least 2-5 years in advance.

just make this release right by NOT rushing it and throwing extra focus on it.

lelo2play1256d ago

"Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Ubisoft Delivers an Apology and a Promise to do Better"

Pure PR BS. Let Assassin's Creed rest for a few years.

Tdmd1256d ago

I loved the setting and was waiting for it for a long time, BUT, I'll only get it at launch if there are enough changes to the formula. If it's just a reskin as usual, I'll wait for a big price drop.

HumanatPlay1255d ago

Thats another valid option if one can not resist the urge to play the game. We are gamers after all.

holin41256d ago

who the hell is going to pre order this after unity?

UltraNova1256d ago

300,000 to 500,000 people? Yeah we do enjoy getting scre** repeatedly, apparently.

holin41255d ago

we do right?
i said i wasnt going to preorder any other game after preordering destiny with all dlcs for U$S 99... I kept on preordering every damn game!!

oasdada1255d ago

Looks like.. AC.. where they show one new feature per game and milk the hell out of it

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InMyOpinion1256d ago

How about instead of apologizing and giving empty promises, sell the game at half the price to people (including myself) who bought Unity?

Omar911256d ago

What is this charity? That would be stupid on ubisofts part. There apology shows they recognized there mistakes and will hopefully do better. You rarely get that from companies, especially as big as Ubisoft.

I suggest you wait for reviews and playthroughs before buying any game at launch.

Imalwaysright1256d ago

To hell with their apologies. They knew very well the state their game was in and released it anyway.

Agree 100% with the second part of your comment though.

rdgneoz31256d ago

Some companies do apologize, but do they care or they are only trying to look like they do since they got caught?

aLucidMind1256d ago

I would say that, when it comes to free stuff, Ubisoft has done more than enough. They gave the first major DLC away for free to all, then gave free copies of Farcry 4 away to any who bought Unity's season pass.

All they need to do at this point is prove us wrong by making it clear that last year was indeed what they claim it to be: a one-time slip-up. Free stuff won't do that, quality releases in the future will. We all know, Ubisoft included, that this year can either help them recover or land the final blow to their currently poor reputation.

corroios1256d ago

Stop with the COD formula. I dont want another 30 gigas patch...

oasdada1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

True! Downloaded what seems to be a patch the size of a whole game and still had only a 2 or 3 frame improvement.. spent good money on a bad game which was really dissapointing because unity's story wasnt that bad.

They should put AC to rest and focus on Prince of persia instead

MasterCornholio1256d ago

If you didn't mess up in the first place you could avoided debates and stuff.

Seriously Ubisoft dont screw up the next one.

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