Smite - P.C to Xbox One merging now available

Leigh of TheXboxHub wrote :
Hi-Rez studios are due to announce that the account merge feature for Smite is now available.

If you’ve played Smite on the P.C, you’ve probably been waiting for this feature, as it carries over any purchases and unlocks from the P.C to the Xbox One version.

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Moldiver1257d ago

Im looking forward to playing this and gigantic with PC gamers...from my Xbox :)

Kingdomcome2471256d ago

After giving it a shot, I can say that Smite wasn't really my cup of tea. Gigantic on the other hand, looks very interesting to me based upon what I've seen of it thus far.

neil3631257d ago

Might just be time to start getting involved!

Bigpappy1256d ago

This looks so interesting to me because of all the mythical characters represented. Now I need to play it to see if they make good use of all those gods.

syotos771256d ago

Not sure if anyone on here would be interested but I stream this pretty regularly if anyone wants to see the game :)

blackout1256d ago

This game is awesome. Been in the beta for a while. If you are not part of the Preview Program, now is the time. So many bonuses and early access.

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