GameShark: E3 08: C&C Red Alert 3 Preview

It's been seven years since EA touched the alternate timeline of Red Alert, a world of time machines, zeppelins and robot bears. But Cold War chic never really goes out of style. The Soviets, smarting from their defeat at Allied hands, go back in time to eliminate the cause of all their problems – Albert Einstein. But the world that results has a new player – the Empire of the Rising Sun, a Japanese themed nation with transforming mechs and a unique build mechanic.

The Rising Sun spawns drones that can transform into the chosen building, and they can unwrap themselves without concern for territorial control or outposts. This is balanced by the fragility of the drones, but the potential for behind-the-lines mayhem is strong. Some units have dual forms, each one with a strength and a weakness. The Tengu mechs can transform from durable ground units to jet fighters with the click of a button.

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