The Witcher 3 PS4 frame-rate questions arise following first review

First reviews of The Witcher 3 trickle in, with PS4 having a couple of issues

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There is a day one patch so chances are by the time gamers get their hands on this, it will most likely be fixed

gfk3421255d ago

I need to know the reason why (some) reviewers are mentioning about game performance without having istalled the first day patch.

Also, seeing the IGN review (where they mention about the frame rate issue) I noticed shutters which, in my opinion, are due to some bugs or lack of optimizations (not a hardware issue).

Magicite1255d ago

Dragons Dogma had terrible framerate on PS3, but I enjoyed it nevertheless.

As for Witcher, its first and foremost a PC game, so PC version it is then.

Skate-AK1255d ago

Yep. Framerate and Resolution were bad. So blurry. Didn't stop me from getting the platinum.

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@Yaqza81 Yes. We've already addressed this issue. Framerate will be better once we official launch the game.

From twitter sorry can't copy it properly on my phone

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The story is too old to be commented.