The Sega Saturn turned 20 (part one, games 20-11)

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

Sega has released some of the most memorable consoles in gaming between the Genesis and the Dreamcast. The Sega Saturn however, was a console that just never really took off at all, which was a shame because there were some very good games for it - but some early mistakes kept the system from ever really getting solid footing.

Probably the biggest issue facing the console was that it was rushed to release in North America before there were enough games to really support it. Technically, twenty years was a couple of days ago - the console saw its release on May 11th. I remember my buddy Randy was the one who rushed to grab this guy for about four hundred bucks (but at least it came with Virtua Fighter, a title we enjoyed in the arcades though it never took off in popularity the way Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat did).

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darthv721256d ago

The saturn is a great platform that is certainly the king of 2D arcade fighters and shmups.

despite the outcome... I still enjoy it.

Chalgyr1256d ago

Agreed. There were some quality RPG/strategy games too, but I think most people best remember it for the fighting scene, since it handled the arcade-style visuals better than the PlayStation did at the time.