Sebastian Loeb Rally Evolution Teaser

Leigh writes "Milestone, One of the top developers and publishers specialising in the racing genre, have released a teaser video for the Citroën DS3 Record Livery dedicated to Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo, its new, exclusive IP scheduled for release this autumn."

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LoveSpuds1254d ago

This guy is an absolute legend and has to go down as one of the greatest drivers ever to stick a crash helmet on, he is up there with Schumacher in my opinion.

Cant help but feel that most Americans will have never heard of Loeb though, so this game will need to be something special to sell outside of Europe.

Hope its good, Colin Mcrae Rally set a high benchmark back in the day.

urwifeminder1254d ago

Best driver ever in my opinion 9 world titles , hope it runs better than Ride did will buy even if it is crap as Loeb is a off road god.