PS4 Dominates Ubisoft's Sales in Fiscal Year 2014/15, Xbox One Follows

Ubisoft announced its fiscal year 2014-15 financial results today, and PS4 was the biggest revenue factor.

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Geobros1257d ago

Why I am not surprised about PS4 domination?

BTW...big profit for Ubisoft! :o

Games4Gamers1257d ago

Playstation Nation Invasion Domination

Transistor1257d ago

Years ago this would have sounded like trolling, but now it's pretty accurate. Crazy how things change.

Ron_Danger1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Based on how some people were responding to how P-Cars was selling so much more on PS4, I'd say it's from a lack of Ubisoft games on the PS4 which drove those sales... It had nothing to do with higher console sales...

Edit: here's the link in case anyone missed the desperate straw grasping.


I wish there was a better indicator of how much sarcasm I was using... "/s" just doesn't do it justice...

Moldiver1257d ago

"Years ago this would have sounded like trolling, but now it's pretty accurate. Crazy how things change."

Yes that is pretty accurate. But you guys still have a way of sounding trollish and incredibly annoying about it.

Pogmathoin1257d ago

Also shows you how insignificant people are here, thinking they have a voice... Ubisoft has been hammered here, mostly by the same crowd, yet, in the real world, real people do not care what is said here, and actually buy and play games, while stupid debates rage on here....

kreate1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )


'real people do not care what is said here, and actually buy and play games, while stupid debates rage on here'

hey I was just wondering about ur comment there.
do most n4g ppl just like to come to n4g and talk about games? but they don't really play much games in general?

do u come here to debate and not really a gamer who actually play games?

I mean Im sure many here do play games but not much?

just trying to get a better understanding here. I don't want to run off with something without clarification and engage into a 'stupid debate'.

Pogmathoin1257d ago

Yes, I do play games, as much as I can squeeze in now that I am a dad, though now my son has got the bug, Fifa 15, and Minecraft.... my point here is that Ubi-soft gets slaughtered here, yet look how well they sell on PS4.

itBourne1256d ago


You may think people on here are insignificant, but the word of mouth is strong. Every single one of my friends bought a ps3 because of me, then ps4 and I have a lot of sway on what they do and dont buy. So sure it is just one person, but those numbers add up. Even the x1 owners I know are influenced by me on what to buy. So the hardcore crowd can definitely add up to be a powerful factor.

Bobby Kotex1256d ago

@Transistor it's still trolling but this place is overwhelmed by ps fanboys.

wegetsignalx1251d ago

@Bobby Kotex

No, not true at all.

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ravencry1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

PC is Up there with ps4 with 23% and Some people say all PC gamers pirate games.

That being said ubisoft games are horribly optimized for pc

Games4Gamers1257d ago

2014/2015 PS4: 32%
2014/2015 PC: 12%

PC gamers pirate games

BG115791257d ago

Yep, PC hold it's own with the PS4 for the last fourth quarter, but look at the 12 months numbers and get surprised.

PlayableGamez1257d ago

PC gamers just don't like Ubisoft games, due to Uplay and their crap ports.

Games4Gamers1257d ago


Hey I don't blame them. Ubisoft has been a big disappointment for the past few years

itBourne1256d ago

PC gamers do pirate sooo much, I am in on both crowds, and my PC gamer only friends have no qualms whatsoever about pirating.

BG115791253d ago

@Everyone above that says that Ubi don't have enjoyable games. I only bought 4 games from them : Watchdogs (which was resold), Rayman Legends, Child of Light and Forgotten Soldiers...
A part from WD, who dares to say the late 3 are bad games!?

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Findingcrybabies1257d ago

Give Ubishit 0 reason to improve or change. GG. More Watchdogs and AC repeats coming up.

SegaGamer1256d ago

Exactly. Ubisoft making so much money isn't a good thing really. Now they can just carry on being crap because they know it will make them a profit.

RedDevils1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Good thing I stop buying those garbage after the 2nd AC lol

holin41256d ago

Ofcourse it will win 2014, ps4 had no exclusives back then... now they have bloodborne and the order... in matter of exclusives XO its unstopable

TAURUS-5551256d ago

this isnt a was expected

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Transistor1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Like every publisher. PS4 puts up those big numbers everywhere.

Transistor1257d ago

From their report the Division is now 2016.

It's been delayed.

OpieWinston1257d ago

Meaning these games aren't finished and could be pushed back as a result. Unlike Assassins Creed there is no set release date.

Transistor1257d ago

"Via the publisher’s 2014-2015 financial report, Tom Clancy’s The Division should come out in the fourth quarter of the publisher’s 2016 fiscal year, which is actually January through March."

You're wrong.

OpieWinston1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Ahhh well looking forward to seeing more of The Division at E3.

And until I see the Massive team make the official statement of it being pushed to 2016 or giving it a release date... Ubisoft clearly wants The Division to become a big franchise which is why they're playing it safe.

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chrisx1257d ago

Ps4 is dominating everything

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