GTAIV PC: Prank Results in Half-Assed Confirmation


"Two guys worked up an extremely patient, social engineering prank that had 2K Games support believing, or at least suspicious of the possibility of a hacked Grand Theft Auto IV demo on pirate sites. And in the back-and-forth, it turned up this reply from tech support:

"The PC version of GTA IV has not even been announced for release and is still in development so is not about to be released on a website." "

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Charmers3743d ago

This story is extremely old and was already reported on here at the time. You can find it here

cp683743d ago

You are mistaking with another prank story, i thought so too but i was wrong. read the full article!

Menchi3743d ago

You're submitting a lot of duplicate articles.
This one is a duplicate

uie4rhig3743d ago

yeah this is very old.. 17 days to be precise (which means 2nd july 08)

Charmers3743d ago

I am not mistaken. The story both come from the same source Both this story and the story I pasted in my last comment are both based on the scam those guys pulled at that blog.

picker3323742d ago

Well when the development is dune then all the torrent sites will crash i bet.

I wonder how many people really buy pc games now days?,except for those games that needs cdkey to get online but singleplayer games is easy to download & play(Not that I do that/Sarcasm)...

Just put the cdkey i & crack then start playing.

Over & Out!

Charmers3742d ago

Probably about the same number that pirated the Xbox 360 version I imagine. Now what did your comment have to do with the story ? Other than have a go at the PC.