The 10 Best Vita Games to Play on the PSTV

The PSTV has had quite the rocky start, probably do to the lack of support from video streaming services, (Netflix, and until recently Hulu) and games (Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush). However, this 'mini' console is still bursting with stellar games; from PS Vita, PSP, and PSone classics, there's plenty to play on this nifty device. We want to talk about the best Vita games to play on it! Without further ado, the 10 best Vita games to play on your PSTV.

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generalwinter1346d ago

Weird - I tried to play OlliOlli2 on the PS TV, and it said it could not be played on it. Unless things have changed in the the last few months.

johndoe112111346d ago

Gotta admit, I think this guy nailed it with this list.

SmokingMonkey1346d ago

Spot on, except one should get Rayman Legends over Origins.

I think all of the Origin Levels are in Legends? Not 100% sure.

Platinumed LBP vita and Killzone Merc I am playing Freedom Wars and Rayman Legends right now.

I spent WAY TOO much time on Run Sackboy Run!

johndoe112111346d ago

You may actually have a point there with rayman. Are you confirming that Freedom Wars works on the ps TV? I haven't bought that game yet and the only reason is that I heard it was not compatible. If you're telling me that it is then I'll be purchasing that game before I complete this sentence. Would really appreciate your advice on this one.

SmokingMonkey1346d ago

Idk if Freedom Wars works on PSTV? I only play on the Vita, It is in the link's list so I imagine so?

Rayman Legends does have A LOT of Touch controls (thank WiiU gamepad for that) So maybe Rayman Legends wont work on PSTV!! and that's why it was Origins on this persons list?

I can't imagine Freedom Wars not working on PSTV.

ravens521346d ago

Forgot Batman Blackgate and FF10. Solid list. Although I do need netflix on my pstv come on Sony smh.

Stsonic1346d ago

Ff10 is not officially supported. It works on some TVs and not on others.

ravens521346d ago

Oh ooops, nvm then sorry for the fib:0

Stsonic1345d ago

It may be supported in the US and Japan but here in the EU it's not the store. However playing the game off a vita download it works on one of my TV's but not on the other.

Stsonic1346d ago

Spelunky should be on this list. It's one of the very few games you can play local multiplayer.

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