Nvidia GTX 280/260 55nm comes by September

Fudzilla: We said a few months ago that Nvidia drives two projects in parallel. GT200 65nm that got launched and branded as GTX 280 / 260 is out and there is a GT200 55nm chip that should be launched shortly.

Our sources are telling us that 55nm version of the chip should be ready either in late August or in September, which means that Radeon HD 4870 X2 will get some competition.

We believe that Shaders and clock of 55nm GT200 are definitely going to be higher than the 65nm and the chip itself should be a bit cooler.

This means R700 will get some better competition, and the fact that this ATI's dual card is going to end up faster than GTX 280 doesn't mean ATI has already won the war.

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Kakkoii3769d ago

Surprised they didn't launch it 55nm... It's been long overdue for them to move to 55nm.

Sure will be a great chip once it's 55nm tho.. Plus it will be cheaper since more of them will fit on each Wafer. Lowering production costs per chip.

Tyrael3769d ago

As far as the Radeon HD 4870 X2 is concerned, you guys think there will be as many heat problems as the regular 4870?

Kakkoii3769d ago

There heat problems with the 4870?

IF so.. Then yes of course lol cause it's gonna be 2 of them slapped on each other.. Even more heat buildup.

diegodon3769d ago

.. fix the heat issue with the 4870 by manually changing the fan speed. Mine came with the fan speed set to only 18%. Just google it and you'll find the fix.

Tyrael3768d ago

what about noise though? dont these things get really loud?

SaiyanFury3768d ago

NVIDIA supposedly already has a new high end card in development that will rival the 4870 more. This new one is supposed to have something like 2GB of DDR5 RAM as well. I look forward to the future.

Kakkoii3768d ago

Yeah, hopefully it's a new architecture.. It's long overdue..

The gt200 chip is just an oversized g92.

Architecture hasn't changed much since the 7 series.

Dragonopolis3768d ago

AMD can lower the 4800's in October by $50 so Nvidia won't have much of a time for price/peformance.

AMD can then ride it out til November then, if they have too, push the price down even further before Christmas (probably $25 more).....

Then prepare for a new launch in Feb/March for their new revamped lineup.

Bottom line, Its great to be a PC gamer these days........

Kakkoii3768d ago

ATI is already very low on their prices..

And Nvidia will be able to lower their prices also.. Because with 55nm comes lower production cost's.

(Although the 65nm ones will drop in price first just so they can sell them off.)

But anyways, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out :P.