The Witcher 3: 5 observations from the full game

PCgamer:"We can't get our Witcher 3 review up today for reasons explained here, but I've been playing the PS4 build for the last couple of days. I can't speculate about how the console version performs next to the PC version (except to note that the console version runs well enough, only occasionally dipping below 30 frames per second, pre day one patch), but I can say some other things about the game, and those other things are listed below."

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starchild1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

This is a good read. While it's not a full review, it definitely shares some nice insights.

I also find it interesting that they are saying the framerate on the PS4 version is pretty solid. We've heard this in some of the other reviews as well, but then you have some that complained about it too. My guses is that it does have semi-frequent drops below 30fps, but not huge drops and not all the time, and sensitivities to such things always vary from individual to individual. CDPR said it will be improved with a patch in any case.

Maxor1257d ago

It sucks that Nvidia is giving away the GoG version instead of the Steam version. While it's nice to have a DRM free copy I would prefer Steam so I can play in Big Picture mode.

cookiamos1257d ago

Cant buy this game now cause i'll never see the summer sun. For me its a winter game when you re stuck inside when nothing else to do and beside :it s a game that make hours feel like seconds.

billybehr1257d ago

I agree. Also, if you wait for the winter you'll probably see the price drop too.