The good kind of bad: 5 of our favourite gaming villains

The heroes of our games would be nothing without their contrasting counterparts. A villain drives the hero forward, gives meaning to his cause.

A hero becomes a hero because of the villain. That is why today we want to celebrate these malevolent and sadistic individuals, these slayers of men and admirers of torment.

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The-Marb1258d ago

Some good shouts.

Great villains often have a textured, conflicted and almost likeable quality to them.

Father Comstock is a great example of such a villain as is Handsome Jack and Illusive Man.

The other type is someone who is really hate-able but these guys often come across as one dimensional. Vas from Far Cry 3 for example.

Tankbusta401258d ago

Pagen Min????? C'mon aside from tauting you on the radio the guy is barely in fc4

spicelicka1258d ago

How in the flying hell did they not have Vaas??! One of the best Villains in gaming.

Wiehahn1253d ago

Yeah, I agree Vaas was one twisted bastard! But I tried staying away from using characters that are featured on almost every villains list, like Vaas. In my experience with Far Cry 4, I found Pagan Min to be severely demented and highly entertaining. I think he definitely deserves a spot on a villains list