League of Legends Streamer ‘Amberly’ Pretended To Be A Girl For Donations, Later Reveals Truth

A streamer by the name of ‘Amberly’, who 2 months ago claimed to be a ‘female challenger player’ recently came out and confirmed that they merely pretended to be a girl to get donations.

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thejigisup1258d ago

You already got the money your post tl;dr should have been sorry suckers

phoenixwake1258d ago

MISOGYNY somehow--I'll get back to you.

Nwah1258d ago

Really shows the intelligence of most stream watchers. How can you fall for such a low scam?

LgbtWarrior1258d ago

Sadly this happens a lot. Guys pretending to be girls just to get attention and have more people play them online. But honestly the desperation of many male gamers who contributed is pretty pathetic. He should have kept the money.

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