GameSpot: E3 08 Q&A: Sony's Reeves On 80GB PS3

At Sony's E3 2008 press conference, Sony Computer Entertainment America head Jack Tretton announced a number of important announcements, including phasing out the 40GB PlayStation 3 model and replacing it with a new $399 80GB model. In addition, he announced that Platinum games and a new PlayStation Video Store would be coming to North America.

SCEE CEO David Reeves.With most of these announcements being North America-only, European and Australian gamers had to wait until Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's (SCEE) media event later in the week for more relevant details. GameSpot caught up with SCEE head David Reeves at this event to find more about how the announcements will affect PAL territories.

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Chris3993838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

He honestly just says whatever is on his mind. He out and out dismissed MS' claims of dominance over Sony this gen, and was very 'to the point' about why they are introducing the new 80 gig. I like this guy.

Remember, competition and a little smack-talk is healthy for the industry! It means a greater focus on first-party games, third party software for every platform, and competing price-points.

This gen isn't turning out so terribly after all. (Unless you're a hardcore Wii-owner. Animal Crossing Wii? I'll pass. Still, Ninty is rolling cigars and wiping their a**es with cash, so I'm pretty sure that they don't care to cater to my tastes :) )

- C

juuken3838d ago

Good interview. Can't blame the guy at all. He had a good point. Microsoftl won't outsell in the PAL regions or Japan. They're pretty much screwed because the battle all boils down to North America.

Ben10543838d ago

"They won't in Japan. They won't in the PAL territories, so the deciding factor is North America and that I can't comment on--I just don't know the figures. But I agree with Kaz [Hirai] I think over a 10 year lifecycle... I don't see it. "
lol, he just owned Microsoft