The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt review – very open world | Metro UK

An open world RPG to make even Skyrim look small, and some of the best graphics ever seen, but is The Witcher 3 as good as it looks?

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1307d ago
arkard1307d ago

Seems this game is getting great reviews from everyone! Congrats to CDPR can't wait to play this in a week!

chrisx1307d ago

cant wait to get my copy. perfect scores are allover the place

Sketchy_Galore1307d ago

I want to pick this game up and really enjoyed The Witcher 2 (until I had to stop playing because it gave my Mac panic attacks even on low settings) but I don't know if I can do it with Dragon Age Inquisition sitting around uncompleted. I also feel like I might have done too much exploring a big open fantasy wilderness in that game and it might dull the thrill of doing it in this one.

It seems every bit of logical thinking I can muster is telling me to wait a while to pick this one up..... but I'm probably gonna get it day one anyway, because boobs and dragons.