E3 2015: How Nintendo Can Salvage 2015 for the Wii U

Nerd Much takes a look at how Nintendo can salvage the Wii U's year.

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iplay1up21257d ago

I am not sure why the Author seems to think there is only Star Fox, X, and a couple of Lego games coming out this year. It does not even mention Devil's Third or Fatal Frame 5. Which are both due out this year and are AAA Exclusive titles. Also there are games like Project Cars coming to Wii U this year.

Anyway Wii U is a great system, and I have a blast with it!

Upstate89871257d ago

I believe Devil's Third and Fatal Frame are worth including (so I've gone back in and added mentions), and while I'm excited for a Project CARS wii U release, I'll believe it when we get an actual release date.

marloc_x1257d ago

Worth including? Lol.. Article actually describes a pretty good year! Hope you enjoy Nintendo at E3 :)

bouzebbal1256d ago

Starfox won't be coming out this year.. It's a big franchise and i don't think they will release it 3 months post e3 (if they show it there).
Devil's Third, Fatal Frame 5 are some great hardcore games as well

mikeslemonade1256d ago

It's Pokemon MMO on WiiU or bust. That's the only thing that will fix Nintendo on the home console front.

DryBoneKoopa851257d ago

Their is also Guitar Hero Live coming this fall, Legend Of Kay HD, Yoshi's Wooly World, and Splatoon is just a few weeks out. Also new fighters for Super Smash Brothers Wii U. Nintendo also said they have more games to announce at E3. Iwata said the games they announce would also be coming out this fiscal year.

Their is WAY more to play on the Wii U then any other console in my opinion. Only games I care to pick up this year for my X1 are State Of Decay, Witcher 3, Batman Arkham Knight, and the new Tomb Raider.

The game I care to have the most out of ALL the games coming out this year is Fatal Frame 5. I'm a HUGE Fatal Frame fan and Nintendo has put a huge smile across my face with announcing it is coming later this year.

pcz1256d ago

the difference is, those games you listed for x1 are substantial games

i mean, arkham knight and yoshi cant compare. witcher and splatoon cant compare. tomb raider and starfox cant compare.

xenoblade is the only major game they have this year, in my opinion. fatal frame is a good asset. nintendo fail miserably year in year out because they dont have the third party support.

wonderfulmonkeyman1256d ago

@ pcz
People are over Tomb Raider, and that $40 dlc in Arkham is a rip-off that lowers its sales potential and reflects badly on the game regardless of how pretty it is.
The only point you've got is Witcher vs Star Fox, and that's only because there's tons known about Witcher and quite literally nothing known about Star Fox.

IMO, Nintendo has made a few mistakes in management, but their games line up has been high quality for the past two or so years on the Wii U, and constant good offerings on 3DS.
Concerning strictly multiplats, the only good thing Third parties have done for Nintendo, is to provide gamers with ports so horrible, that they only served to make Nintendo's games look better than most of them by default.

It's hard to miss multiplats wheen history shows third parties don't make any sort of effort on their Wii U versions, unlike indies and exclusives from other smaller third parties.

DryBoneKoopa851256d ago

@PCZ: This isn't a WAR pcz. These are VIDEO GAMES so you can put your bayonet down. Making comparisons like this game against this game does NOTHING for your argument. This isn't the school playgrounds where we sit around saying who has the better games.

Incase you didn't read my comment. I said Nintendo has MORE games that (I) care to play then on any other system. I only care to get 4 games in an entire year for my X1. Hardly seems like a reason to really KEEP my X1 for me personally. Where is on the Wii U I have well over 4 titles I care to play on the system.

Also for me Nintendo has the one game that trumps ALL 4 of the X1 games I want and that is Fatal Frame 5. I guess you could say the X1 is my secondary console for the few Third party tittles I care to play.

PigPen1257d ago

I'm also looking forward to Devil's Third. It's just feels like a good year.

FattyBoy3D1256d ago

Drop the price. Bundle in several games and a pro controller. Wii U partially salvaged. unfortunately there is nothing they can do about the lack of online features but if u buy a WiiU then u go in knowing what u get

DryBoneKoopa851256d ago

"but if u buy a WiiU then u go in knowing what u get"

Yea your right. You get the industries most well polished, highly rated, and timeless tittles this generation. So yea... With Nintendo I know what I'm getting with their system.

As for the rest... doesn't really matter at the end of the day. As long as the games are good.

FattyBoy3D1254d ago

I was refering to the online services on the Wii U. I like the Wii U and its games (mostly) but I just think its overpriced for what it is. Just my opinion

Tapani1256d ago

They can't.

Wii U was never a console that could be saved, it was a console doomed to fail due to its overall concept that doesn't resonate with the masses. The name, the controller, the look, everything, its just a lifeless box with a clunky controller to most, who won't even distinguish it from the Wii.

3DS, however, is a homerun.

Also, Nintendo is fine. The verticals where they function they lead the markets, except for the home consoles. Home console business was never easy for Nintendo, anyway.

NX is something I'm waiting for though. I hope they combine Wii/Wii U + NDS/3DS/New3DS games into one console, that also has its own exclusive games! But that would probably saturate the market... One can hope, though!

Ristul1256d ago

Nintendo should make a bundle without the gamepad, if they offer a bundle with the pro controller they could cut the price and get more units in peoples homes. Maybe include a game or two...

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