TZR Podcast Episode 10 – MOBAs, Mechs, and Magic Boxes

Justin Scerbo, Justin Chou, and Alex Schoch are back to chat about Time Zones, MOBAs, Mech games and a whole lot more on Episode 10 of the TZR Podcast. If you want to write into the podcast with any questions email [email protected] Oh and If you want to subscribe to our podcast and be totally awesome you can now find us on iTunes!

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ZeroSkerbo1258d ago

why is there such a lack of mech games? I freaking love armored core! And no Titanfall doesn't count.

Godmars2901258d ago

Bandai all but holds a patient on the genera yet wont publish what games they make in the west? Then there's MS who own the Mechwarrior IP and let it lapse. Refused to allow a game to be released because it would have been on the PS3.

ChouDa1258d ago

Still debating whether or not to dive head first into the MOBA trenches with Heroes of the Storm.

I do want to see Diablo ride a Unicorn.

callumjack1258d ago

The only good mech game has always been Zone of the Enders. End of discussion.

shocked6861258d ago

Mechassault original xbox. Discussion reopened.

NiteX1258d ago

It's a far cry from Mechwarrior, but at least it's an actual Mech game unlike ZOE.

Gamehard1258d ago


Pretty sure ZOE is an actual mech game, since you control a mech and fight other mechs, or "orbital frames". It's more of a fast paced action game and not a sim like mechwarrior, but still a mech game, and a damn fine one at that.

shocked6861258d ago

Steel Battalion.

Ok not really, but it did have that sick eject button that you had to flip open on that massive 40 button controller. Best button in all of video games.

Godmars2901258d ago

Its an anime mech. Which usually means fast and fluid movement - for something that weight hundreds of tons - is way overpowered and has some elegance to it. While western mechs are generally slow lumbering and designed to look like junkyard rejects covered in guns.

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ChipChipperson1257d ago

Nice to see ZOE getting more love now. ZOE 3... well... I hope Kojima brings it back in some way in the future, if that's possible for him to do, even if he may not be able to officially call it ZOE 3.