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Last week I wrote something with another editor here on My Games Lounge about games being potentially literature and art, Toren is a perfect example of this being the truth.

For me Toren is the Indie Ico and that is some statement but, personally that is the feeling that I had as I played through this great game.

It’s therefore making this review particularly hard and shows up the gaming industry’s issues in the same breath because the game as a technical piece of work simply lets down what could have been a modern classic.

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Pastorfuzz1254d ago

Playing it now and already stuck on the 3 statue puzzle.
Tryin it later tonite

camel_toad1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

It's deceptively not even a puzzle. Those statues are just there to shield you from the monster's waves when you don't have your sword. Just keep attacking the monster and even if you lose (i.e. get petrified) it seems to keep the progress of how many times you've hit him when you make it back to him.

I honestly quit the game about an hour after that part and uninstalled it. It's definitely no Ico and it tries too hard to be spiritual and surreal, jumps from location to location via "dreams" and the gameplay and camera is really sloppy.

nucky641254d ago

thanks for the info. your complaints are what most of the reviews are saying. I was going to buy this in hopes it was a new ico/journey type, I'm glad I didn't buy .

Pastorfuzz1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Thanks for the info. I thought it was some kind of puzzle because you can slide the statues around.