Toren – Zelda meets ICO meets The Last Guardian – Now Available

DSOGaming writes: "Remember Toren? Well of course and you don't. After all, our most recent story about this adventure game was back in August 2014. Well, we are happy to report today that this "Zelda meets ICO meets The Last Guardian" adventure game has been released on PS4 and PC."

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inStereo1255d ago

Zelda + ICO + Last Guardian = Want

The_Sage1255d ago

Clicks PlayStation app icon on phone. Hits PSN. Finds game. Hits download. Eagerly waits for end of work day to go home and play without any waiting. I'm loving this gen!

MilkMan1255d ago

So is this something I can buy right now on PS4 for America?

MilkMan1254d ago

Gotta say, after playing this game last night I was terribly disappointed.
This game plays homage to Stanley Kubrick's 2001 in full force.

Think playing Ico in the Twilight Zone. That's a more accurate depiction of the game WITH PS1 stylized graphics.

You practically need to be high to get with this game.

Please stop hyping games for no reason. This game has a cool concept with dirt poor execution.

FYI, when you put three fantastic titles up on your title and say that this game is the child of that marriage, well naturally people like myself will blind purchase since WE NO LONGER HAVE F**KING DEMOS and cant test drive the game. Don't do that, makes you a douche.

Thanks for making me waste my dough.