Slice Zombies for Kinect Review - TXH

Neil writes "No matter where you look, the humble zombie is most definitely the flavour of the month in the gaming community. From Garden Warfare to Call of Duty and Sniper Elite, the walking undead have turned up, created havoc and embedded themselves into the lives of gamers. The one safe bastion on Xbox One was the motion tracking, voice controlled Kinect system, but with Slice Zombies for Kinect, even that has succumb to the onslaught.

Let’s get one thing straight. Slice Zombies is in every sense of the word, an utter Fruit Ninja clone. However, from when we were once completely addicted to slicing and dicing fruit, the recent release of Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 arrived to nothing more than luke-warm applause and points to the fact that many gamers may just have had enough of the swiping of fruit. But hey, if we throw some zombies in instead then everything should be good eh?"

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