Unboxing: PSP Metallic Blue Slim

Neocrisis - One of the nicest PSP's we have ever seen. All we know is that this will only be released in Japan.

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The_Firestarter3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Isn't there a blue PSP coming to the US bundled with some football game later this year?

Anyway, this PSP is pretty good lookin' ;)

decapitator3744d ago

Probably not but I wish it would though. I am getting ready for a new PSP.

The_Firestarter3744d ago

Here, look:

I remember this in the Sony E3 press conference.

vlazed3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

It is the Madden 09 bundle and it comes with a blue PSP, but I don't think it has a metallic finish. This one looks awesome buy the way.

Edit... So it is the same one. I already have the God of War red one
I may pick this up for my gf.

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whateva3744d ago

just took over Japan in 2008 out of no where and stayed on top with no big games.

eagle213744d ago

Final Fantasy Crisis Core and Monster Hunter started this avalanche... :)

Tidus113744d ago

don't forget metal gear solid

tojfs79313744d ago

Glazed over as I waited and waited for him to start actually opening the box and showing the psp.

bleachrulez3744d ago

this brings back memories ...ohh i remember that day back in 06 when i got my psp ....and still had it till today perfect conditions..

Max Power3744d ago

conditions does it have? ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.