Nintendo's new, crossplatform membership service will likely launch this fall

Nintendo and partner DeNA are hoping to release Nintendo's new cross-platform membership service this fall and an "evolved" version of Nintendo's loyalty program is under development, according to DeNA's latest financial report which was released today.

In March, Nintendo announced plans to partner with DeNA to release smartphone games potentially using Nintendo's existing properties. Earlier this week, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said that the company would release about five phone games with DeNA by March 2017.

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greenmiker1257d ago

Not many interesting things in Dena Financial Report apart the pages with Nintendo Alliance: "First game app to be released this calendar year"

That means till end of the year? (end 2015) or end of fiscal year? (March 2016)

superchiller1257d ago

"Calendar year" means January 1 - December 31.

marloc_x1257d ago

Gonna try some Nintendo on the go schiller?

PhoenixUp1257d ago

So will digital content still be tied to hardware or are they going to fix that mishap

themonado1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Believe it or not, the content is actually tied to your account, but your account is tied to the hardware, which is still just as idiotic. They really need to fix that.

jonrhoades871256d ago

For the one millionth time just give us a proper account system. One that doesn't require you to go through technical support to recover lost games. I want to be able to have my content on more than one system and not have to do a dumb transfer. Virtual Console should be universal across every device. This membersip service is their last chance to win me over, I prefer going digital when I can and I would like to see alot more competence on their part with this.

If not I'm sticking with retail.

KryptoniteTail1256d ago

I hope they do a PS+ thing, minus paywalls for online. Also, just conform to standard account practices like Sony, and Microsoft.