Senior Gameplay Designer Damien Monnier Stressing About The Witcher 3 Reviews

W3 Senior Gameplay Designer Damien Monnier had this to say:

I didn't sleep last night and my stomach hurts from the stress :| #chainsmoking #Witcher3 #Reviews

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BigBosss1345d ago

No need to stress about anything Damien, game is looking phenomenal across all 3 systems and it will definitely get positive reviews. Especially being a multiplatform game, I am quite impressed. Definitely my GOTY 2015 :)

Kane221345d ago

i just want every review to actually tell the damn truth and not sugar coat just because it's witcher 3....aka halo master chief collection....

MilkMan1345d ago

Id stress over these damn pirates bootlegging your hard work. Wish we could just incarcerate these fools and I mean general population. Not fed prison. Let them see what the meaning of sharing REALLY means.

NoctisPendragon1345d ago

This is why you need to pay revierws a lot of money , Ubi or EA don't have this kind of problem .

Btw i am half joking .

sevilha821345d ago

so,when the review embargo will officialy end?

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