PSA: PT Demo May Restrict Your Access From PSN Library

If you have a PS4 and this demo, you need to disconnect it from online immediately.


Thank you for your comments, guys. I've updated the article to point out you attest you did not encounter the same problems this PS4 user did. When we get more information about what happened, I may either update this article again or write a new one. Feel free to PM me if Sony, Konami, or Twitter user pacifist_elk shares new info, thanks!

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Xaphy2872d ago

In the end we will all lose the demo

Games4Gamers2872d ago

None of this crap would have happened if Konami didn't remove the demo. They are seriously angering the gaming community

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2872d ago

I just booted up P.T. on my PS4 and it works fine.

Wii_nes_0072871d ago

Just checked, mine works fine

bouzebbal2871d ago

this is more scary than actually playing P.T.
Konami are morons.. They don't even update their fans about what's happening..

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The_Sage2872d ago

From what the article says, everyone has lost it as of now. It well not pass the license check, and that will lock out all of your digital games. It says, if you have PT to unhook your PS4 from the internet until this is fixed.

UKmilitia2872d ago

im just thinking of all the consoles sold with the demo on it lol.

Pastorfuzz2872d ago

I'm also wondering if anyone actually bought one of those $1000.00 dollar consoles with PT downloaded off EBay?

rainslacker2872d ago

i saw some bids on them. The ones people were bidding on were going for between $500-600. Seems like a lot of money to spend on a digital demo which you could lose for a variety of reasons.

Conzul2872d ago

DRM is like a virus: It's delivered over the internet and you only suffer if you're connected or risk connecting.

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farhsa20082872d ago

This is scarier than actually being in silent hill!

DeadlyOreo2872d ago

Is this a one-off? Because my digital stuff is fine, and I have access to the PT demo.

hasamalaha2872d ago

I don't see anyone confirming it, but multiple people saying they aren't having any issues (including playing PT). So, it kind of appears that way for now.

WitWolfy2872d ago

That means that this can be implemented with ANY digitally bought item. FML...

DanteVFenris6662872d ago

Well they also have the power to do this too any PHYSICAL copy too. Our consoles are connected online so they could easily ask Sony to make a patch that blocks when you enter the game.

comebackkid98912872d ago

That's why I stay disconnected. I was going to pick up God Hand on PSN, now I'll hunt down a physical copy.

abstractel2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Kind of. If you are connected online. For those that are completely offline, and only buy physical copies, they can play their games for as long as they want. The OS updates needed to play the games are on the disc. So if you're really paranoid and think companies are going to remove games that you have bought (they would be sued and loose, and they know this so it won't happen) then stay off-line.

Yes, you'll lose out on patches that fix games that at release have bugs -- some more severe than others depending on the game and of course any DLC but that's the environment we live and play our games in.

rainslacker2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

They actually may not lose. Even retail versions have the clause that the license to play them can be taken away.

Luckily, the publishers probably aren't going to want to test this in court where it can be put into precedent and finally put the issue up to the test. To date, that hasn't happened, which is why retail is still pretty much free to sell as you please. If they weren't worried about such things, we wouldn't have seen things like online passes or new purchase codes for free stuff.

Should the courts find in favor of the consumer, it means that all current TOS for every game and even software in general, goes out the window for that particular clause.

I'm not sure why publishers would feel the need to strip the license away from a paying customer, whether digital or retail, but it does happen in digital. I can't imagine the kind of backlash that would happen should a retail release actually have this happen.

DharmaDan1082872d ago

Man, I've lost all respect I ever had for Konami. I for one won't be purchasing Metal Gear Solid V, at launch anyway. Might get it in a future sale or even pirate it. F*** Konami.

abstractel2872d ago

I'll get MGS:V because it will most likely be a great game, but yes, Konami has really been f'ing up lately PR wise. They are not looking good as a company.

DharmaDan1082872d ago

Yeah I'll probably get it, but only to support Kojima.

InTheLab2872d ago

So many gamers will just eat whatever sh*t is shoveled their way for the sake of playing a good game. Not a fan of piracy for any reason but buying the game used achieves the same goal and I do support that.

comebackkid98912872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Why not buy it used? That new game smell? Kojima isn't getting a crum from you.

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