How would you change the Samsung Instinct?

Samsung sure managed to move a lot of these Instincts, but the real question is: how many are on their way back tomorrow? With the 30-day trial period quickly closing in on the earliest of adopters, we've seen a myriad complaints about Sprint's iPhone slayer, and the first official software update isn't rumored to occur for at least another week or so.

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Garethvk3769d ago

Ours work great. Hands down the best phone I have had. My co-worker has an I-Phone and she is so jealous over this. I have one touch access to all of my e-mails so now I do not have to worry about being away from home, and not near a hotspot for my laptop. I also love the movie and T.V. functions. That being said, I did get the replacement warranty on them.