Sony's Big Plans For MMO Gaming On The PLAYSTATION 3

Sony is planning on bringing gamers together in a bigger way than ever before. The PlayStation E3 2008 press conference introduced large scale multiplayer gaming plans for the PS3 with MAG, short for "Massive Action Game." The game is touting 256 player battles. It's a big effort in itself, but not the only one planned for the PS3. See more details on how Sony is planning to push the PS3 into MMO and persistent gaming.

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Isaac3769d ago

I have never played MMOs, I wonder if it will be worth it. I wonder if SOE will port Everquest, Star Wars, the Matrix. I also wonder if EA will port their LOTR MMO. If all these arrive on PS3, along with NCSoft's MMOs, the Agency and MAG, then PS3 will be the MMO console, and perhaps ACtiblizzard will want to port WoW. Combine that with LBP, Resistance 2, SOCOM and Warhawk, and the PS3 is truly becoming a powerhouse for Online Social Gaming, especially if all these games get HOME lobbies. I just hope there are no prohibitively expensive monthly fees for MMOs otherwise I will end up still not playing them.

I also hope WKC gets an online mode similar to a MMO, it looks insane.

Veryangryxbot3769d ago

And again, only on PS3.

MMOs are fun things. Just dont get addicted to it.

PoSTedUP3769d ago

but anythings possible with SONY : )

I f*cking <3 SONY!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3769d ago

No...i f*cking <3 SONY! MORE! ;-D FIGHT! FIGHT! ;-D
I'm more a single player guy;) Or a 4 player off-line spilt-screen with 3 Friends player erm guy;)
It's all good tho;) I'll try it!!! ;-P

PoSTedUP3769d ago

i cant fight you dog ; )

i love games in general. splits screen games are awesome with your friends but i am more of an online gamer, ever since SOCOM1 i fell in love, omg i f*cking love that game but... i love SONY MORE!. hahha stay cool ken. : )

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3769d ago

...for Suicides!!! ;-D
Yeah spilt-screen 4player off-line games are FUN!;)
Like TimeSplitters 2 ;-P (My Fav)
Thats what i want more of on the PS3;)
So LBP + MotorStorm 2 are MUST buys for me;)
I did play 'Resistance' a lot online tho;)
I love SONY+PS3 more than infinity!!! Er erm ;-D

PoSTedUP3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

me and my cuz had sooooo much fun with that game! that game was the BOMB!!! my cuz was really good at building levels.... and i was really good at... taring them up!!!! hahaha good sh*t dog. i do believe that it was online and it was pretty damn fun too.

LOL! @ suicides! lol lol. yea it depends at what game you play. games like socom are far more competitive than cod4. thats why more people talk sh*t about being better on socom them cod4, cod4 is just for fun in my eyes. socom is more about clans and winning if your a hardcore ONLINE gamer ; ) the softcore ONLINE gamer doesn't care about winning and still has alot of fun! stay cool ken. peace and god bless : )

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QuackPot3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

.. or take advantage of on the console.

Large scale multiplayers, MMOs and persistent gaming - FTW & a key area to focus on especially with the power of the Black Beast at their disposal.

Ben10543769d ago

Runescape, lol joking that game is crappp

NewSchoolGamer3769d ago

MAG is gonna be awesome, but Dc universe looks like crap.

Jinxstar3769d ago

It's an MMO. I could see many not getting into it but I am a big MMO vet and it looks really really good for an MMO. I mean getting 20 friends and taking on Lobo or Bizarro would be awesome.

Panthers3769d ago

While M$ is so worried about getting third party titles to go multiplatform, Sony is working on amazing first party titles that will dominate the industry. I dont even care about FF13 and if MGS4 when multiplatform then I wouldnt care either. There are too many first party games that I am looking forward to.

Ben10543769d ago

"if MGS4 when multiplatform then I wouldn't care"
are you kidding me, you wouldn't mind the best game this gen going multiplat. you know xbox fanboys would be bragging about that for about a year

RecSpec3769d ago

Who cares, if you let the fanboys get to you here. I feel sorry for you.

It's like the little 5 year old next door that makes fun of you just for the hell of it. What are you going to do. Hit him?

I've played through the game many times. If 360 gets it, good for them.

Panthers3769d ago

It wouldnt bother me in the least. I got to play it and that is all that matters. If I had enough time (and money) to play all the great games on the 360 as well then I would do that too. I just like playing great games. I just feel Sony is doing the right thing and investing in new games and powerful sequels. M$ is just going after 3rd party games. Not too many 1st party games coming down the line. 1st party games are almost always the best. Especially this gen.

Guess I should thank M$ because now I am less inclined to get a 360 since they dont have nearly as many exclusives that I wouldnt be able to play otherwise. No GeOW does hurt tho. Wish I was rich :(

supahbad3768d ago

yeah they can have it now, i've already finished it so i don't need exclusivity anymore

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