RPS-ish At-Ish E3: Day 4 - Bethesda Softworks 'Fallout 3'

Mathew Kumar writes:

"I headline "Bethesda Softworks" to keep the format I've been using, but really I should just have put "Fallout 3" because that's all they were showing and that's all anyone cares about. I had a little bit of problem with this scheduled appointment – The time I was set to see it got confused by either PR or myself (we couldn't decide) – so I didn't perhaps get quite as much hands-on time as I would have liked (is there ever enough hands-on time at these kind of shows for hundred-hour RPGs?) But I got to stand and chat to executive producer Todd Howard while I waited, so it worked out for the best, really.

The most important things Todd told me was that there isn't an Oblivion-esque "The World Scales With You" system. This is probably common knowledge, but lets write it anyway. There are easy areas, hard areas, and so on. There some bosses and stuff who do scale, but only roughly on the basis of when you first encounter them. Which is probably fair enough.

Talking about my hands-on experience of Fallout 3 actually feels a little dicey, because when I sat down to play I was given a long list of things I wasn't supposed to talk about, which I promptly forgot. I know I wasn't supposed to talk about anything the loading screens say (they feature background details on the world) which is a shame, as my reaction to one of them forms an at least mildly interesting anecdote. But let's press on."

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Winter47th3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

One thing for sure-ish it'll be worth the wait-ish, HELL YEAH-ish!