Best of E3 Awards: Best PS3 Game Infamous

Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira present X-Play's award for Best PlayStation 3 Game of E3.

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dro5305d ago (Edited 5305d ago )

im not suprised, infamous is looking really promising and the graphics looked like what the showed us in the first trailer,and the fact that u can be a hero or vilian is another factor that i like, i alerday see my self playing the game in different ways....i just hope after u finish the game u still have side mission and extra things to unlock since its an opean world game....but i would give the award to R2 u can not look at that 300 ft monster and not have a wow feeling,... just look at it !!

DaTruth5305d ago

Only problem with the giant 300 ft. monster is that he looks like he was done on UE3 engine, he's really shiny. But if it was there would be no draw distance like gears.

resistance1005305d ago

Surly is should be LBP? seeing as they gave it GOTS

The Wood5305d ago (Edited 5305d ago )

ar well

nice clip dro

shysun5305d ago

They never give the same game those two awards.

Jamaicangmr5305d ago

Yeah i was wondering if i missed something how could they give LBP best of show or whatever then when then give a different game best on the PS3? Well whatever am a be getting both so makes no never mind to me.

Bazookajoe_835305d ago

Killzone 2 gets some cred for the ai. I must say that i would give the best of the e3 award to fat princess =) No i dont really know wich game i would give it to, there are so many really good games coming. But the fat princess wasnt beeing sarcastic, it does look really fun.

funkysolo5305d ago

The concept is awsome, feed the princess so your enemy can't pick her up..brilliant!!!!

Old Snake5305d ago

I was quite disappointed. Only 1 power? I understand it isn't all shooting electricity but why not get fire or telekenesis or some other crazy powers.

Jinxstar5305d ago

I think if they did gamers would say "Trying to be bioshock" you can't please everyone man but I think they made a solid choice and it looks cool. The internet is full of toolbags who will point out every bit of fail in everything to justify themselves as... well whatever it is they hope to accomplish.

The Wood5305d ago

im sure they would of thought of that plus how many superheroes posses multiple powers like the ones you ask for. Im hoping they can be creative with this one power.

thewhoopimen5305d ago

he does have telekinesis. It's called electromagnetism. take an iron bar, coil it with lots of copper wires and run a current through it with a battery. Electro-magnetism.

Le-mo5305d ago

How can X-Play give Little Big Planet the Game of the Show award, but Infamous the Best PS3 Game award?

shysun5305d ago

They almost always do that.

mesh15305d ago (Edited 5305d ago )

its just 1 website openion and its very odd indeed to me both games didn't wow me . this just shows websites presenters are not actual gamers and sometimes dont know their on about how can lbp be game of e3 for gt tv and best ps3 game shown on gt according to g4 tv is infamous i smell bull

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The story is too old to be commented.