E3 2008: Nintendo makes laughable attempt to please "core" gamers | writes: "With all due respect to Mr. Fils Amie, when you trumpet Animal Crossing-a game about collecting furniture to decorate your house and writing letters to other cutesy animals in the town-as your shining example of what 'core' gamers are expecting, what we have is a failure to communicate."

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Thoas3744d ago

I have much respect for Nintendo when they actually cared about gaming with NES and SNES, but after those 2 great consoles they fell off.

mesh13744d ago

but whos laughing all the way to the bank my boy reg and nintendo .

253744d ago

yeah laughing at the suckers that bought a wii.

Tomdc3744d ago

I like my wii.... good when friends are over. My PS3 is betta tho.

Silver3603743d ago

I know the Wii is very popular. But it is selling to casual gamers not hardcore gamers. do casual gamers know that consoles change every 4- 6 years. And will the hardcore Nintendo fans still be around to to buy their next system at launch price or to even start the word of mouth about the system. Casual means that the people that are buying the wii are doing so for quick and easy play does that translate into a Nintendo legacy or a one generational fad?

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badz1493744d ago

a nice middle finger for core and hardcore gamers!

-courtesy from Nintendo!

IzKyD13313744d ago

why should they care about core gamers when there making so much money off of grandma's and 6 year olds?

juuken3744d ago


Nintendo...what happened man. I still love the SNES and the NES but're starting to slack. .___.;

Isaac3744d ago

It's been like that since N64 when they chose to use cartridges, and when they chose the Gamecube to be a purple lunchbox with a gimped optical media and a controller that was missing a left trigger. I loved those two consoles' exclusive games, but Nintendo dropped the ball, and IMHO they are dropping it much harder now with the core gamers, the ones they owe the fact that they survived the N64 and Gamecube eras.

juuken3744d ago

Okay, not starting. They ARE slacking. .______.

ChickeyCantor3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

"and a controller that was missing a left trigger."

uuuuuu.....the left analog stick was not enough? the xbox and GCN controller looked simular aside from the main button layout(ABXY START). And both did a decent job with games then a PS2 controller could do(Seriously if you think a FPS game is fun with a PS2 controller then you're just full of it)

TheDeadMetalhead3744d ago

I don't care what you say, the N64 kicked ass!

The Gamecube, not so much. But it still beat the crap out of the S#!tbox!

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pcz3744d ago

animal crossing= hardcore!? who are you trying to fool nintendo? it's insulting

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