Best of E3: Little Big Planet awarded Best of Show

Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira present X-Play's award for Best Game of E3 Little Big Planet.

Ali_The_Brit5705d ago

Of course it was no suprise a PS3 exlusive would pick it up.

TheXgamerLive5705d ago

I mean it's a childs game? C'mon, this is a joke. Innovative? Yes:) Game of show? No way:))

Gears of War 2 then FallOut 3 BEST game of show.

Shane Kim5705d ago

Have to disagree X-Gamer, there was nothing new to see from Gears 2 and Fallout 3 was imho disappointing. This and GoW3 teaser (even if it was just a teaser) blew stole the show.

juuken5705d ago (Edited 5705d ago )

XGamer...this is a children's game? You have grown men excited about this game.

Please, stop crying.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5705d ago (Edited 5705d ago )

|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ;-P

PLAYSTATION®3規格ソフトウェアのゲー ム 中にXMB™

I almost feel sorry for the xBot Lemmings on this!!! ;-D
(But i never will feel sorry for them)
All that hard work trying to bring down the PS3 and it hasn't worked!!! ;-D Never mind;)

LBP is ADORABLE!!!;) Looks so much FUN!!!;-P

+Is it just me or does 'Banjo' walk like he has PILES!!! ;-D
'BANJO-KAZOOIE:The Search for Pile Cream!!! ;-D

More 'Banjo' News -



TheColbertinator5705d ago

A game that allows you to unfold your gaming creative designs from the ground up.Why not?

Veryangryxbot5705d ago

This game is so fresh, unique. It lives up to the PS3 line up and as usual PS3 takes the crown again.

Play Justin Timberlake's Cry me a river- haha.

Bots just cant believe the incredible line up that is the PS3s.

Resistance 2
Little Big Planet
Gran Turismo P.

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g3nkie5705d ago

What no Wii Music?!

Anyways, great list. Can't really argue with them their.

mesh15705d ago

well not for me tbh i wont play this game nothing in it makes me go wow.

5705d ago
shysun5705d ago

It's on the PS3, that's why he doesn't like it. Mesh you belong in the open zone....NOW GET!

thewhoopimen5705d ago

Guys just ignore him... He's just came out of puberty and wants to be a big grownup. Doesn't want to play with kiddie toys for at least a decade.

King_many_layers5704d ago

I'd like to have seen infamous in there, also in my opinion, I thought that Killzone 2's multiplayer detials stole away the thunder of resistance.

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Mr_Showtime15705d ago

Phenomenal game. Can't wait for it!

Mr BlueScreen5705d ago (Edited 5705d ago )

LBP is extremely innovative. This game should sell well. Man I'm surprised not to see lips with that award. Oh.. I forgot why give a mediocre game an award like that.

m-s-8-25705d ago

You'd hope it'll sell well. Could very well end up being another game like Shadow of the Colossus. A critical success, but commercial flop.

God i hope not.

Vojkan5705d ago

since when is 1.5 million commercial flop? Sure SOC didnt sell well in USA but it did well in PAL market.

Bordel_19005704d ago


Those trigger happy americans like their shooters, they're not into these artsy games like Shadow of the Colossus. ;)

ShAkKa5704d ago

it all depends on how sony advertise it and i think we all know they will drop big cash on it`s marketing.

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MK_Red5705d ago

Even though my personal fave is Mirror's Edge, I can't disagree with them. LBP is a true masterpiece and a groundbreaking game.

fenderputty5705d ago (Edited 5705d ago )

GTA4, MGS4, GEAR 2, RFOM ... honestly ... if this tells you one thing, its that LBP might be the "shocker" GOTY. Some of the stuff we've seen at E3 makes me want that game more than anything.

People may think it's a kiddy game and blast me for saying that, but its easily the most innovative game coming out. The possibilites are endless.

MK_Red5705d ago

True. It's not a kiddie game. It's just a game for everyone. Perfect mix of hardcore and casual with limitless possiblities. Innovation wise, I also agree that it goes far but my pick is still Mirror's Edge. I just LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Mirror's Edge.

mepsipax5705d ago

see this year I'm excited about being excited for certain games, like instead of the usual, oh new GTA, oh new Gears, I'm saying hey look Mirror's Edge and LBP and Alan Wake (don't laugh one day I will get my old PC exclusive back, hopefully they haven't turned it into a geow style shooter) I'm excited because I'm excited about new IPs and thats a good thing, I personally think Mirrors Edge is better than LBP because I'm more of a fan of first person games, or western RPGs (and sometimes if I'm lucky a good FPRPG) so this game is looking very good, one thing I'm gonna hate about the upcoming games like LBP, Banjo, and I guess Blastworks(wii) is it might usher in the era of user generated content games, and it will keep getting worse until one day some dev is going to give us just a bare game engine, and tell us its a game, "you can make whatever you want! FPS, RPG, Fighting, anything, all you need to do is get you and a few hundred friends to come over, give them all seperate jobs, like art design or texturing, and in 3 years time you'll have made a game. amazing!"

BulletToothtony5705d ago

i swear i'm not saying this because of that article, but since i saw the first trailer i thought i couldn't last more than 10 minutes playing that game..

The same thing happened with "The Club" i played it and i almost puked by the time i was done.. maybe it goes away after you play it for a long time, but imo that movements even thou immersive, it "could" ruin the game experience..

MK_Red5704d ago

Agreed mepsipax as always :)
Nice idea :D

BulletToothtony, actually Kotaku addressed that issue in their article and to their surprise, only watching someone play the game gives a dizzy effecty. Kotaku previewer said actually playing the game by yourself has no such effect.

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