Why do so many gamers dislike Halo?

Msxbox-World takes a look at the reasons why some gamers seem to have a disliking for Microsoft's Halo series. Is the hatred justified, as we've had three games in the series with many gamers feeling that the latest game didn't have as much impact as its predecessors.

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Rob0g0rilla5809d ago (Edited 5809d ago )

Halo 3's campaign was so boring until the end. I got through it though and beat it since I brought it. The ending of Halo 3 did have me wanting to see what happened to Master Chief when he was headed toward that planet. I can't get into Halo's multiplayer though. I don't see what's so special about it. I always wanted to like it but I just can't get into it. Call me a hater but Halo isn't my cup of tea.

mesh15809d ago

THis articles go it a little bit right but the real reason all halo fans play halo 3 1 million people play that game on xbox live is because the insane physics and "gameplay" options there is so much optioon to change to kill people in that game and to top that everything in halo has amamzing physics there is no next gen multiplayer games that uses the type of physics engine halo 3 uses none this is why bungie won awrds for halo , the weapons are very well thought out and fire how you would wish for very realistic and the controls while doing it are second to none the only flaw i had for halo 3 is the anti aliasing and 640rezz but a game that has that type of a.i you see in the single player everything thing in the massive lvls are not scripted ill give you an example when yu play a lvl on halo3 record 2 mins of it on the halo video store the play it then strafe all over the map you will see al enemy's are present in the map nothing is scripted in halo 3,you can bash it all you want but the game is the highest rated game this gen to my knowledge on metacritc and gameranking and is the biggest selling exclusive title to date.

gaffyh5809d ago

Yeah I agree, I don't hate Halo, but I don't love it like all the fanboys do either. IMO it is way overrated, and when I played I was getting annoyed by the backtracking you do in almost every level.

Plus the story was kinda crap (all I remember was there was a guy wanting to use Halo rings to take over the Universe, and you kill him). I liked the music though, it's good music for hyping you up.

NintendoWTF5809d ago

"I got through it though"

Exactly how I would describe my play through. Dreadfully mediocre game.

There is really two classes of Halo hate:

PC fps fan hate for what would otherwise be a completely forgettable fps if it had to compete in the PC games market.

General gamer hate for having this damn series rammed down everyone's throats night and day by Microsoft's marketing department. I remember people screaming "not another Halo 3 hype story!" everyday on various web discussion forums with stories like "Interview with Bungie's janitor about his thoughts no Halo 3 - he loves it!!!"

More hate comes from the BS Microsoft pulled buying review scores for the games where they were caught handing out those 900 dollar or so 'gift bags' to reviewers.

Also it comes from Halo fans who feel the need to invade every single fps news story or discussion and spam Halo hype and crap all over every other fps with the disgusting attitude that the more people think every other fps sucks the better Halo is in comparison.

The same goes for all the Halo fans who have gotten themselves jobs at review sites seemingly for the sole purpose of handing out their automatic 10/10 for everything Halo and absurdly low review scores that are pretty much nothing more than 'this game isn't Halo'.

Now that Bungie and Microsoft have split and the relationship between the two companies seems to be pretty bad it seems many Xbox owners have backed off the Bungie/Halo hype and moved on to other games.

For most gamers I don't think really hate the series as much as just don't want to hear about F-ing Halo ever again.

FreeMonk5809d ago

it's all about a persons preference.

I loved Halo: Combat Evolved when it came out on the original Xbox for the Single Player. It felt new and fresh on a console, with controlling vechiles, a melee system etc.

I loved Halo 2 & 3 for it's multiplayer though. They Single Player was ok, but nothing spectacular. MP was for me.

Now there are people out there who love Call of Duty 4 MP, and there are people out there who love Gears of War MP, both of which I don't really enjoy as much as Halo.

It's all about your playing styles and what you are looking for in a game.

Unfortunatly, the millions of people who bought Halo 3 shows how popular the game is, and as someone mentioned, it's rated 2nd on XBL probably behind COD4.

I think Bungie, if they are making a new Halo game, need to forget the Single Player Campaign, and contentrate on a full on MP game or if rumors are to be believed, an MMO.

StephanieBBB5809d ago (Edited 5809d ago )

I feel exactly the same way. I can't put my finger on why I dislike playing halo but it's somewhere based around my three consumptions:

A. Slow pased/not enough action (as you said, it feels like you play in constant slowmo)
B. Too childish (mainly halo 2 and 3, halo 1 was more adult entertainment)
C. The weapons suck

HateBoy5809d ago

I think I'm the opposite of most people in that I really like the single-player campaign, the pacing, the epic battles etc are all awesome. The story is retarded, but oh well, who cares. But... contrary to popular opinion, I think the multiplayer is amongst the worst I've seen in high quality fps's, its just random, and it is BORING.

jadenkorri5809d ago

Halo 1 was great, Halo 2 and 3 are just sequels, same graphics, engines, just new levels and weapons

Ben10545809d ago

it gets too much hype than it deserves, the new halos are almost the same as the old halos and xbox fanboys always bring it up saying its the best games ever and all that.
still a good games though

dantesparda5809d ago (Edited 5809d ago )

But the game is just WAY to overrated. It is nowhere near as good as its mde out to be. And if you think im just bullsh!tting, just check my gamercard

plenty a tool5809d ago

because it's not on the system of the haters! simple as that. if this was a franchise on anything else, it would be applauded.

although the campaigns of 2 and 3 didn't match the brilliance of the first, they were still better than most which are around. but it's the multi-player were all three have shined. and no console game has seen as much on-line play as this franchise. but the problem for the on-line is that it's no place for people without skill, dexterity or quick reflexes. personally, i dont play the game anymore for a number of reasons.

1st being that being in europe, and getting placed in games with the host the other side of the atlantic is terrible for the obvious technical reasons, and secondly i dont like the fact that having one team dominating the weapons, and therefore the match makes for fun games.

with cod4 you choose your own weapons and kit. and as long as you're not with idiots i.e the whole team sniping on say headquarters, you can have decent games.

bottom line, most if not 90% of the hate eminates from sony fanboys. why, because i's a massive franchise that isn't on there system.

stevenhiggster5809d ago (Edited 5809d ago )

I agree with 1.3 the only reason that the game was ever liked was because it was, for many xbox console fans, their first taste of an fps If it had first been released for the PC then it would never have become so big as compared to other PC fps games it really was nothing special. It would be like showing someone who had never seen a car before, a Ford Fiesta, they'd be all like 'wow it's so amazing', when someone who has seen a car before would just be like 'just another crappy little car'. So yes, basically what I'm saying is Halo is a crappy little car of an fps, overhyped by an over rich company, and some little kids who had never seen an fps before. FACT!!!

Chubear5809d ago

WOW! So very well said. Bubble

RememberThe3575808d ago

Frist off, from the way your writing that you sound like your hating right off the bat. So let me make this clear; The game is over hyped for what it is. Halo 1 was one of the best shooters ever, but the next to were nothing compared to the first. Your a fanboy, and thats OK, we all are in a sense, but your seeming to take this a little personally. Your argument that people hate on Halo because its not on "their" system is way off base. In fact many of us who feel the series has let us down own a 360, so it is on "their" system. I was eagerly awaiting Halo 3's release because I was hearing that they had addressed all the things that pissed me off about Halo 2. Then the game releases and there are not many improvements above a slight graphical upgrade, I felt let down. As the media kissed the games ass to all hell, I was slugging through a game that kept making me think that it could have been done way better. Halo 3 did not deserve any 10's at all. This made me realize that the Xbox exclusives have a lower level of expectation to them. They just don't need to be as good as the PlayStaion or Nintendo exclusives. You may not agree but you also come off as a simple person with simple needs, and that sucks. Because of people like you the Xbox is not pushed to improve. your just happy with what you got. And you know, thats not all bad, as long as your having fun. I think you need to not take this so personally. Every group of fanboys has the people who talk sh*t, we're all used to it, you should be too.

RemmM5808d ago

But Halo 2 and 3 killed it. They made it too easy by, adding dual wield, easy to contact melees and other stuff.

whoknew5808d ago

They don't do they? I mean didn't halo 3 sell 8 million copies? The only people that don't like it is the people who don't own a 360 or don't like that kind of shooter. Even if your a big FPS fan your not forced to like the pace of this game.

I would say the main reason I don't play it much is because of all the little kids that constantly scream down the mic at me for being a noob. :)

athlon7705808d ago

Before I purchased my 360, we would meet at a friends house and crowd around his 360 and play Halo2. Had a lot of fun. Then I joined the 360 crowd in the Christmas of '05 and waited impatiently for the Halo3 bomb to drop. Hype and build up were a great thing and I don't think I have ever been so excited about a game (including the televised launch(can't beleive I stayed up for that)). Anyway, I got the game thinking this is going to be cool, started it up, and the let down began. There have been a lot of people say Halo3 should have been named Halo2.5! I think they are correct. We were told this game would take advantage of the 360's powerful graphics, yet really looked no better than when we played a Xbox designed game (Halo2) on our 360! I kid you not by this next statement, when I started playing, my wife came in because I said "well ain't that a load of tihs", she came in asking what was wrong and I said "this looks no better than Halo2! All the game reviewers were hearlding this game from the heavens and I spend $60.00 on Halo2.5! Not cool. So I play the game, getting to about mid way through when I start to ask myself "why am I playing this game?" So I trudge through it to the end, watch the lame 'floating through space' ending and think, "wow, at least it has multiplayer" as I think about all the fun we had playing Halo2...I have only played the co-op and two (2) online multiplayer matches. That is it. This game was not worth the hype. This game is not worth all those 10/10 reviews. This game is just not worth it.

Monchichi0255808d ago

I loved the first one, Loved the 2nd one and LOVE the third one!!!

And I'm not the only one, MILLIONS of us do! Just here in my hometown, Halo is still the game everyone's still playing. We get together every other weekend and play the hell out of it.

And I can't wait till the next one comes out!! I'll again be one of the first inline to buy it!

lessthanmarcus5808d ago

Plain and simple. What FPS's are loved by everyone? COD4? Go figure. I can sit there after spawn and hold my trigger and rack up a positive ratio. Halo is for skilled FPS gamers, therefore the majority of gamers (that happen to be casual) won't like it.

BWS19825808d ago

don't have a 360, so won't comment on the third, but the better campaign was actually 2's for me, because 1 was so bland and repetetive, all those rooms that looked the same, copy and pasted, pissed me off. But, I'd give the first a 7.5, and the second one an 8...the first one's final driving climax where Master Chief had to drive through the entire area to safety was one of the most aggravating levels in my video game life. The second had the dual wielding, bigger environments, and a little more variety. The games are just good, but not great...there's like what, 6 weapons? Even Rare's GoldenEye had like 4 times that from 1997. I've played multiplayer, it was alright, but Timesplitter 3's MP was leagues better, Halo's MP wasn't much more entertaining than say Red Faction 2's, or Pariah's MP, which means fun, but not classic.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating, I'm making a case for it being a "good" game, and not great or epic.