Gamestyle Retro Review: Final Fantasy VI (10/10)

Gamestyle writes: "Gamestyle still remembers when Final Fantasy VI first appeared on the SNES (except it was entitled "Final Fantasy III" and was only available on grey import from America, and it cost a fortune). Super Play, the rather fabulous, and now long defunct, SNES magazine featured the game on their front cover, proclaiming that Squaresoft had laid the golden egg.

So, fast forward a few years to the Playstation era and the height of Final Fantasy's popularity - porting the game over to Sony's system could only be a good thing, right? Well, first things first: this is a direct port of the SNES original, so be prepared for the fact that you'll be playing what is essentially a 16-bit title on your PS1 (or PS2). Aside from the inclusion of some incredibly pretty FMV cut scenes and a new battle activation 'blur' effect, the graphics and sound remain unchanged."

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