Square Enix Profits Up Nearly 50% Thanks to Mobile and MMOs

It's a new world we live in and if there's anything that the recent game publisher financial results have shown is that mobile titles are insanely profitable. Square Enix is the latest company to have a boon in this area.

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DarkOcelet1345d ago

I am glad SE is doing good but at the same time i am annoyed by the fact that they end up doing much more mobile games than console games.

KeplerNoMore1345d ago

FFXV for iOS and Android confirmed :O?

NoctisPendragon1345d ago

The game isn't designed for it , but i could see an FF XV online game powered by could computing.

Unreal011345d ago

Ahh could computing. The best kind of computing around.

LifeInNZ1345d ago

It's business, they follow the money. Mobile gaming is still a growth area because of its huge install base. Console gaming is flat by comparison, yes, I know PS4 is selling well but whether Sony or MS sell 80,000,000 consoles developers still only sell the same amount of games. Only a handful of titles reach 2 million or more in sales before they are given away or heavily discounted.

Do I want mobile gaming to take over console gaming, no; but it has in terms of revenue..

ps360s1345d ago

Japan loves mobile games so can't blame SE

they see that opportunity and went for it to gain profit

Jubez1871345d ago

Japanese people work and go to school probably 1.5x more than the western world. Therefore, they need gaming on the go. It sounds like a waste to us, but over there they need mobile gaming. They also use much more public transportations, whereas in the US, outside of a city it's very taboo to use public transportation.

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ValKilmer1345d ago

Well that's it, physical games are dead.

Games4Gamers1345d ago

Yeah because most console gamers prefer digital over physical /s

LifeInNZ1345d ago

You realise console gamers are in the minority now. Mobile gaming has a much larger install base..

Games4Gamers1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

And?? Whats your point? There is no need for your comment because it changes nothing. It's not like console gamers switched to mobile gaming.

LifeInNZ1345d ago

Point is majority rules. Higher number off sales and no second hand sales. Anyone who thinks consoles will be exempt is just kudding themselves. Next gen digital will be the predominant format.

Games4Gamers1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

"Next gen digital will be the predominant format."

Guys looks like we have a Pachter in the making.

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KeplerNoMore1345d ago

Long live mobile gaming, death to PC and Console gaming, may the one true king connect us all in his wake.

Agent_hitman1345d ago

I have to admit that I hate them, but at the same time I'm glad that they're making a profit more and it is good for the industry as a whole.

il-JumperMT1345d ago

Why bother spending millions on actual game when a 1 day effort nets you millions of profit?

Candy Crush is prime example.

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