About those over 1 million Witcher 3 pre-orders

MWEB GameZone writes: "It's never a good idea to pre-order a video game, and 2013/2014's disappointments, broken games and over-hyped under-delivered cycle should have dealt a severe blow to hype culture.

But it looks like we have already forgotten the lessons hype taught us."

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Sillicur1258d ago

CD Projekt RED is the one company i will continue to pre-order from! <3 Witcher!

TedCruzsTaint1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

I love CD Projekt.
The original game, once updated, was absolutely fantastic, and Witcher 2, as far as I am concerned, is what every modern action RPG should strive to be.

That said, they've only released two games.

The first needed said update in order to be something truly worthwhile.
As far as I am concerned, that's a 50/50 chance of their games being truly proper out the door.
And that's if you don't want to count 2's lead designer being dissatisfied enough with the overall gameplay that he released a complete re-balancing and general overhaul of the game itself.

It's basically a story of a developer that doesn't necessarily release perfect products out of the gate, but are dedicated enough to their projects to make them shine by the end.
That doesn't exactly present a shining defense to the whole pre-order thing, however.

I hold that we need to stop the pre-order culture in general. It's never really beneficial to the consumer, and only tells people to gamble with their money based purely on a developer's past glories.
If that.

Do I really think that Witcher 3 won't be fantastic?
Not really.
But I never plan on pre-ordering a game in the future. Barring a game I've already decided to cover, and considering it has a large discount, or at least a pre-load.
And that's if code wasn't provided already, so.

Mikelarry1258d ago

this, not even ND will get pre-order from me and I LOVE all ND games. because at the end of the day the developers and publishers have got everything to gain by me preordering while I have everything to lose.

before some of you see RED I never said anything about not supporting your fav developer, buy the game after release after you have had enough research to make informed decision

plut0nash1258d ago

Even if Conan's show gave the game bad publicity, I'd still consider pre-ordering this. Same as how I'd pre-order a Dishonored 2 or Dark Souls 3.

rdgneoz31258d ago

Besides showing PC footage only and the box are for the xbone version repeatedly (as well as the controller), the Clueless gamer episode was hilarious. Having played the others, it only made me want to get the game even more.

Wii_nes_0071258d ago

You can use a xbox controller for your pc but yes, they did show pc gameplay saying it was xbox.

sonarus1258d ago

Why so passionate to give publisher your money early? Minus stupid pre order bonuses whats the incentive to preorder that has everyone loyally spouting support for game a or b.
Why pay for an item before you receive it. Why empower the producer at the consumer's expense.
Makes 0 sense to me. Games are never sold out so why?

starchild1258d ago

Because you generally have to buy a game before you play it.

What does it matter if you wait for reviews? Those are the opinions of other people, not your own.

Spotie1257d ago

How are you giving them money early?

ZombieDreddZA1258d ago

The game just looks to good to miss.

ShaunF581258d ago

Still a great pre-order.

Genova841258d ago

Especially for $48 since I own TW1 and TW2. The difference with this preorder over others is cd projekt red's previous games as well as their ability to admit the game wasn't ready ... twice. Here's hoping it runs well with xfire on day 1!

1258d ago
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