Final Fantasy XIII Versus Teaser Emerges

Originally aired at E3 2006 and just now making it onto the web, this teaser for FFXIII Versus just appeared in Square's Japanese members area website. Enjoy the CG and hope that it's not a target render.

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Bill Nye4337d ago

Was that a motor on the sword? Hah.

Bebedora4336d ago

No it's a sword on the motor. doh. -)

Hope this title will be as good as FFVII. Dark raw and brutally sad and still filled with hope.
Will look at it after work.

Note: Just finnished Nwn2 (kind of) and going to open my FFXII package. Woot!

Scythesean4336d ago

That was nice to see at the end. For Playstation 3

Anerythristic264336d ago

The same guy that broke that Alan Wake was going to be a 360 exclusive , way before it was announced, has now stated that the other FF13 titles will be on the 360. I know it's weird that the 360 won't be getting the actual FF13 but it will be getting the FF13 Versus titles but who knows. Right now it's just a rumor from a "reputable" source , but it's something for 360 gamers to look forward to...maybe :)

Maldread4335d ago

Cool Tralier, can`t wait to see some gameplay footage, esspesially since it`s from the makers of Kingdom Harts. If this comes to 360, they definatly get a good game.