Xbox One Limited Service for Several Apps; Workaround Offered for Netflix & Youtube

Xbox Live is experiencing a few problems with apps on the Xbox One while the Xbox 360 service undergoes maintenance.

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nicksetzer11254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

So netflix, youtube and xbox fitness are down? That is a weird group of things to be down, they seem unrelated. Luckily, everything else is still fine, and netflix is working for me ok.

hasamalaha1253d ago

This has been a weekly thing.

nikrel1253d ago

Love my consoles but man these issues should be a thing of the past.

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Microsoft won't start monitoring less even though the Negative Nancy dramas are causing bad publicity due to that they're monitoring over 100+ apps individually.

Although I love how thorough and forward thinking that Microsoft is, I sometimes wish they'd only monitor essentials the way PSN does, that monitors 13 services rather than 100+ Apps individually that get prominently displayed at the top of Microsoft's status page "daily" when any one of those 100+ services has an issue (that may not even affect many people).

I've also noticed PSN doesn't report problems until they're undeniably problematic; however, I noticed that before they implemented their new status page... they may still do that though.

People also don't realize that sometimes ISPs have trouble even though the cloud provider does not. For example, because of routing problems, I saw a problem with Comcast not connecting to Intermedia's mail service (they're one of the largest Exchange services in the world that has one of the highest up-times). Although it could have seemed as if the problem was with Intermedia's service, it was just inevitable Internet routing issues (that lasted for 3 days, BTW)... by connecting to a VPN provider for gatewaying out somewhere else, it was possible to work around the routing problem.

I get the impression that Microsoft may often report service issues even when it is an Internet routing issue rather than a problem with their services directly. I think people report connectivity problems due to Internet routing issues that then causes Microsoft to report issues on their status page, and I think that's why many people claim they don't have any issues with the services that the status page shows is experiencing problems... because their routing is different than those affected.

Obviously, another problem is that imbeciles think it is "smart" to symbolize their selves as fLAMERS by being hard on the backend of "Ms" for Superiority OVER... lo(w)BOT(T)omizing a backend is always an act of an imbecile who is ignor(e)ant of how humiliated they should feel for causing that kind of drama (similar to being proud of Fing crap, AKA being a crap head). That sort of ignor(e)ance is caused from "lacking SENSE", such as not smelling what is under their nose or such as not noticing how that they're symbolically "sniffing for open backdoors to insert their code"... ALL such drama is symbolically bad in similar ways, such as "man in the middle attacks", etc.