ARK: Survival Evolved is the Weirdest Announcement of 2015

Sam says, "In an unprecedented move earlier today, ARK: Survival Evolved was announced via an exciting trailer by new (and aptly named) developer Studio Wildcard. The game is an open world PvP survival game a la Rust and DayZ, but with some notable twists on the now over-saturated genre."

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BitbyDeath2828d ago

You spelled 'best' wrong.

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porkChop2828d ago

The game looks and sounds awesome. It's not a weird announcement. It was a huge surprise. People have been wanting a game like this for years and we're finally getting it.

Samoopy2827d ago

Author here. In the actual article, I detail why this is indeed an awesome announcement, and how surprising it was. The reason I describe the announcement as weird is because of how incredibly polished the game already looks and how the devs somehow kept a game that looks this good under wraps for a long period of time.

DigitalRaptor2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

That's cool and I agree.

The game looks AAA in my opinion, and highly polished (other than the animations which look a bit rough). To think it's still got 12+ months of dev time makes me happy.

VP372828d ago

Yes, "Weirdly awesome" exactly what I was thinking.

mkis0072828d ago

Wow...totally ignored the first story...this looks amazing, but sadly humans tend to lean toward jerkdom when they are behind their screen.

I may get it anyway...just looks so polished.

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