Expanding to Xbox One & More Could Increase Revenue by 50% According to Former Sony Online President

About three months passed from the sale of Sony Online Entertainment, that has since been renamed Daybreak Games, and the company has expressed the intention of expanding to Xbox One, mobile and other platforms. According to President John Smedley, this could bring quite a nice chunk of revenue in the company’s coffers.

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Rookie_Monster1260d ago

More platforms = more sales. Not rocket scientist.

mikel10151260d ago

Not if you don't turn it on

blackblades1260d ago

Or put it on the right time for it to cook right.

Pogmathoin1260d ago

Coal plus Iron ore..... Iron! Achievement unlocked!

NeoGamer2321260d ago

And this is why first party and exclusive games are becoming rarer and rarer.

They are expensive to make and you only get revenue from the one platform.

christocolus1260d ago

Agreed. This is why more and more devs are going moble,starting up indie studios and using kickstarter to fund their projects. Its also the reason many studios are closing up.

poor_cus_of_games1259d ago

Rarer on the xbox. Not PS4 and WII U.

johndoe112111260d ago

In what universe are first party and exclusive games becoming rarer? I keep seeing people saying this, where is the data to back this statement up? Because to me it appears as if exclusives are more predominant now than any other point in gaming. I want evidence not just some random statement. Show me evidence and you'll make me a believer.

DLConspiracy1260d ago

Which games are you referring to that were first party? These games were on PC first. Then expanded to PS now mobile and Xbox one.

Aloy-Boyfriend1260d ago

Many 1st party devs make tons of money, even more than they spent making games for one console. You think Naughty Dog and sony didn't get more than the money they've spent with every game? Let's put From Soft with BB, for instance. You just have to multiply $60 dollars by the sales, which in its first week surpassed a million if I'm not mistaken.

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Roccetarius1260d ago

Profit is really the only thing Smedley cares about, so it's not that surprising for him to come out and say this.

WhyHate1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

No, he also cares about ensuring the company he helps run doesn't shutdown and go out of business. Not to mention keeping scores of ppl employed...

I have never been a big SOE fan, but I'm looking forward to the potential games coming in the future from them.

Kleptic1260d ago

I've never understood the mindset of 'gamers' and how they separate fundamental business concepts from how the industry works...

gaming is a business, a for profit one to be precise...its not a charity, or a religion (both of which very often profit money.......somehow)...

'he only cares about money'...haha exactly...that 'money' allows him, and all the other people working within the same company, to make a living...and continue doing business...this was a failing business that needed to be sold off, and heavily restructured, in order to continue existing...

its not like SOE was sitting around selling GTA and COD year after year, raking in billions...THEN decided to expand to other platforms in order to make more money...

donthate1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Actually, on the contrary. Smedley did the smart thing and ran from Sony, because finances aren't good despite the PS4 success.

He cared for the survival of the company, and ensured somebody with proper finances can evolve the studio!

That us good for us gamers!

wegetsignalx1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Sony's finances are fine. They are projecting a profit next FY, most of their divisions are making a quarterly profit.

SOE was actually losing Sony money for many years, that is why Sony executives decided to sell it off. It was not Smedley's decision at all.

Everything you said is completely wrong.

PhoenixUp1260d ago

Makes you wonder why people say PS4 is the return of the PS2 era

SoapShoes1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Because it's getting tons of exclusives. SOE/Daybreak only had one game available on PS4 and I doubt Planetside is coming soon. Their games either take too long to come to fruition or aren't any good.

They should have stayed PC exclusive because console didn't work well for them and now they're going to make mobile crap.

PhoenixUp1260d ago

The majority of AAA games aren't exclusive to PS4 like they were with PS2 though. Nor are Japanese devs the dominant force they once were. This is an entirely different generation. The only thing PS2 and PS4 have in common are high sales.

BitbyDeath1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

PS2 didn't have the majority of AAA games exclusive either. You still had EA Games on every platform, you still had Ubisoft on every platform etc etc

PS2 was widely popular because it got a lot of the smaller niche games and studios (now known as indies) just like PS4 is getting, with the occasional 3rd party AAA exclusive thrown in.

Kleptic1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

It certainly looked like the return of the PS2 era in mid to late 2013...when Nintendo had pretty much put their hands in the air and said 'we don't know why so many people bought the Wii, so here's this thing!'...and MS attempted as hard as possible to cut both of their feet off, yet still compete in a basketball game...

but the big difference with this gen so far, and why its nothing like the PS2 that there aren't any games...nearly 2 years in...honestly...what ground breaking title has come out on any 'next gen' system? At this point in the PS2's era, there was GTAIII...which rearranged the entire industry...twisted metal black, MGS2, FFX, GT3 A-spec, etc...all some of the highest rated games in history...yes, not all are exclusive, but it didn't the PS2 got a very early foot hold and was pretty much the unanimous 'popular' choice...just like the PS4 is now...even though there is basically nothing that great to play on it...

this gen has...? Bloodborne and Shadow of mordor...the only highly rated next gen titles...that aren't a remake of a game that came out a couple of years ago...or a little arcade downloadable thing that nobody cares about...SoM was hailed as a 'sleeper hit' for 2014...want to know why?...because every big franchise either got delayed, didn't work at release, or was entirely underwhelming...

I'm not saying its Sony's platform has anything that is worth while right now...Project Cars was a nearly 4 year developed title that was suppose to become a simulation standard in racing instead became yet another forgettable semi-sim racer spread to thin across too many platforms...and did a bunch of things 'ok', and nothing perfectly...

rdgneoz31260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Probably because of the huge gap in sales with it's competition (not including games as exclusives are subjective for people). PS2 today has sold over 157 million. The PS4 has sold about 21 mill world wide, where as xbone has sold about 12 mill. It released to positive PR and not having to spend time back tracking, and just kept on rolling.

As for 50% increase. Most of their games before the split released or were planning to release on the PC and PS4. Releasing on a 3rd (with the gap in sales between PS4 and xbone) is probably not going to be 50% increase. It'll still give them a good chunk of change.

MysticStrummer1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Huge gap in sales and it's getting more games. No need to wonder, really.

OT - Adding a platform with less potential sales than the other two won't increase your revenue by 50%, unless you're talking short term.

bacboi1260d ago

Yeah because PS2 had so many SOE games and that is the reason it was so good and popular :-/

Aloy-Boyfriend1260d ago

Didn't you play DC Universe on PS2? Man that game was amazing.

Lol that guy above. Who knew SOE even existed in the PS2 era?Never heard of them, honestly

Paytaa1260d ago

We'll never see another generation like that for a long time, if ever. Sony may have very high sales but they don't own the market like they did over a decade ago. Different times completely.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1260d ago

nope. PS2 had a lot exclusive
the PS4 has a lot cross-gen and multiplatform with Vita.

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psforward1260d ago

This guy is a math genius!

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