The Co-op Podcast #117: Microsoft to Headline Gamescom

Gary Swaby at The Koalition writes:

"Welcome to episode 117 of The Co-op Podcast. This week Richard Bailey, and I discuss Sony’s absence from Gamescom and how Microsoft can capitalize. Then Editor-in-chief addresses all fanboys in an epic rant. You don’t want to miss this rant!"

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Romudeth1254d ago

Considering that they're 10 million consoles behind the PS4, MS has no choice but to have a press conference at Gamescom this year.

hello121254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

You obviously can't count if you think they are 10 million behind.

They shipped 10 million start of November, so from December 14 to May 2015 they slept and shipped no xbox ones odd people on this site with stupid views.

Sony skipped it because they have less games to show everyone knows it.

xHeavYx1254d ago

Funny how you jump to defend MS with your made up numbers. The reality is that there is no way to tell how many more PS4s have been sold compared to X1s because MS will not provide official numbers (and why would they? they are getting destroyed)

"Sony skipped it because they have less games to show everyone knows it."

Whatever helps you sleep at night, let me show you my favorite link though

rdgneoz31254d ago

@KNWS There's a difference between shipped numbers and numbers sold to customers. MS might get money from stores buying the systems, but millions of consoles sitting on store shelves does not equal millions of new owners.

Also, MS skipped both Gamescom and Tokyo Gameshow in 2012. Sony is skipping Gamescom this year (which they've been at since it opened in 2009 till last year) and going to the Paris Games Week instead which is shortly after it.

Rimeskeem1253d ago

according to Vhchartz PS4 is ahead bu 9.3 million units so basically 10 million.

StrayaKNT1253d ago

Lmaoooo that link they always post kills me haha it is so embarrassing

1253d ago
donthate1253d ago

Doesn't matter what the numbers are, MS is coming with the DX12 hammer and everybody is listening intently. Windows 10 and Xbox One.

I cannot wait to see what MS brings to the table at E3 and then GamesCom.

This year is quite exciting with DX12, the cloud and HoloLens if you are on any of the MS platforms!!! :D

DigitalRaptor1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Don't have the cheek to call others stupid and hold some kind of pedestal position, when you are point blank lying, dealing misinformation and have irrevocably proven nothing. After all, your points only ever consist of mindlessly desperate theories and wishful thinking.

You are basing this crusade to expose the "true numbers" on nothing but hopeful estimates. If Microsoft had shipped a number that they were confident would be well received by their shareholders and the media, they would have already told us a couple of months ago. Why do you think they made that announcement in early November of last year that they were "approaching 10 million shipped". Approaching could mean anything, and so they cleverly worded it that way to make people focus on a number higher (potentially way higher) that it actually was. It could mean 7, 8 or 9 million, whilst PS4 was almost doubling that in sold through figures and the gap isn't closing and never will.

The next statement made from either Microsoft or Sony is going to be a shocker for you, so much so that you'll no doubt spin it harder than ever before, out of the incredible stress that you're under for converting lies into hopeful speculation.

Everybody else is using the facts and superior logic to you, and at this point it's sad that you can't accept that the PS4 has outsold the Xbox One by more than the same amount it took Xbox 360 to sell at the same point last-gen in a year free of competition from the PS3.

"Sony skipped it because they have less games to show everyone knows it."

So your logic is that the company that is attending and/or hosting MORE gaming events this whole year and who's platform has new games announced almost every day, has less games to show? ROFL. Give this man a medal. The "putrid logic" medal.

By "everyone", you mean your close circle of friends who you join every night to convince each other of lies and broken logic to spread and misinform others about Sony and the PS4, right? Because the established truth is much harder to swallow?

Get this KNWS..... Sony has MORE games released so far this gen. Sony has MORE games announced so far this gen. Sony has more games to announce and release than Microsoft could ever hope for.!! These are facts, and we are not stupid.

Despite any of that, you told me that Microsoft won Gamescom last year, even though Sony announced way more new and original content and all Microsoft did was bring along their already announced AAA games from E3 and announce a couple more original games. So nobody is taking you seriously on any front that concerns "winning" a gaming event.

@ donthate

It's now a comedy duo. We're moving swiftly on from egregious lies to the tales of the mythical unseen. I wish I had smoke and mirrors PR to look forward to.

wegetsignalx1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

PS4 23 million, Xbox 13 million. 10 million ahead.

PS4 has more games right now, more upcoming games, more highly rated games, a larger 1st party studio, and more games to be announced.

Sony did not "skip Gamescom". They will be on the gamecom show floor, and the conference will take place in October in Paris.

Sony has more major conferences to announce games in 2014 and 2015. E3 in June, TGS in Sept, Paris in Oct, and then PSX in Dec.

Everything you say is wrong and deliberate Lies.

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christocolus1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

What does being behind have to do with having a press conference at Gamescom?Going by that logic Sony shouldn't give a damn about any gaming events since they are 10 million ahead. Right? FYI its the console manufacturer's job to market and promote their games and console.MS probably have enough stuff to show and announcements to make and they've decided to spread the announcements across E3 and Gamescom and i'm certain that was always the plan (with or without Sony at Gamescom)

xHeavYx1254d ago

"What does being behind have to do with having a press conference at Gamescom?"

They need to get as much positively publicity as possible, because they are way behind their main competitor.

Septic1253d ago

They are there to show off the games.

If MS didn't show we would hear:

"Oh MS has no games to show off".

Now that it is appearing at Gamescom, its now spun to:

"MS is desperate. It needs this".

Somehow, Sony not appearing at Gamescom has been turned into a good thing and MS is somehow reactionary...

Gotta love the logic.

StrayaKNT1253d ago

Or they just have games to announce lol

Moldiver1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

"Or they just have games to announce lol"

^^This! Heaven forbid MS actually go to a games conference to talk about games....It must be PR....Sony fans on N4G are so coo coo! LMFAO!!

And [email protected] Heavy and especially Romudeth (You couldnt even wait till somebody offended your beloved sony..You just dived right in there!), turning a gamescon article into a sales one. Witness how the mods let em troll the shit of this thread with more off topic nonsense. This thread stinks of Ps fanboy..and its not even a playstation related article. How sad....Lemme guess though..the hardcore trolling is payback for the seven years the X360 dominated the west and benefited from superior multiplats *rolls eyes*. enjoy playing "N4G payback"....Personally I prefer the games on my xbox one.

"so far they haven't got anything worth mentioning in 2015 except garbage screamride and a 2d indie game that I can play on my laptop." takes a special kind of uniformed fanboy to forget that Halo, fable and forza are releasing this year....What AAA exclusives will you be playing at xmas? What exclusives aside from PS indies that you can also play on your laptop?

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MasterCornholio1253d ago

To be fair Sony has a conference in October so that evens it out. Not to mention they will be making announcements at TGS and PSX as well.

Kiwi661253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

But they can't do that as that would mean they are going to have actual games for xbox one owners to look forward to and play even though the conference is called gamescon which i'm pretty sure that ms have been to before

wegetsignalx1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

Both Sony and MS have games to announce this year.


The fact is MS is very behind in Europe and all of their actions there will reflect that reality.

As far as current and upcoming PS4 games, just check listwar or metacritic. It's very informative.

Some posters in this comments section are spreading lies, hate, and FUD about Sony, and making hypocritical personal attacks over reasonable criticism of MS.

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Multiplatguy1253d ago

It saddens me that people like yourself don't get flagged for trolling and worse than that, actually get agrees.

If Microsoft were to bail out of Gamescon, we would never hear the end of it about how they have nothing to show.. But when Sony bail out of Gamescon.. We hear about how Microsoft are only still attending because they are desperate.. It sounds like Microsoft can do no good and Sony can do no wrong to a lot of you guys.

This childish console war is ridiculous. I sincerely hope your not over 15 with a comment like that. Enjoy your console and let others enjoy theres.

otherZinc1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )


They both have no choice but to appear at Gamescon. Compared to last gen, there are 60 million unsold consoles out there. Sony just has absolutely nothing to show, period.

Sony thinks the world will turn to them & view a conference in Paris? The same day Halo 5 releases? This will backfire on Sony.

This was a great podcast, many important topics discussed. Great.

wegetsignalx1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

Sony obviously has new games to announce in 2015 in its four major gaming conferences (more than MS).

Sony will likely announce new games at its Paris conference. It's a smart business strategy to distract news and attention from the Halo launch.

PS4 has more games right now, more upcoming games, more highly rated games, a larger 1st party studio, and more games to be announced.

Stop deliberately spreading lies.

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Venomousfatman1254d ago

It will be fine for MS to have a bigger spotlight in Europe for Gamescom. Even though Sony should be there, they'll definitely have a makeup for it with TGS.

rbailey1254d ago

Fully expected Microsoft to show up at Gamescom. They don't like being number 1 and therefore that will be the driving force behind every action they do this generation.

SaveFerris1254d ago

True. Xbox has never won a console generation, and they sure don't look like winning the current generation either.

1253d ago
Moldiver1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Dont mind me...I just came to join you guys in wanking off over the PS4 in an xbox thread.Pass the tissue. I think I might change my avi to one of those teenage boy looking anime avatars, like so'folks' on here. I am not a weebo though, I just dont like dudebro shooters s/

This trolling stuff is exciting eh? better than playing PS4, even! I see why you guys love to do it now...Not really..I dont.

Paytaa1253d ago

Define "winning a console war". Sales? I guess the Wii destroyed the 360 and PS3? No. It may have sold the most but the 360 and PS3 had a more successful life in the long run. Plus only fanboys really care about a so called "war". The idiocity from all 3 sides is actually quite comical that because X console sells better than Y console it means it's better. I've personally never used any proclaimed "winner" as my primary console any gen but guess what? I had just as much fun as the guy who used the best selling console.

1253d ago
blackout1253d ago

Wow the hate is once again crazy in a Microsoft article. MF don't sleep. Every Microsoft article on this site is filled with more PS4 haters then there is X1 guys being happy for what's going on with there system. "AMAZING". The funny thing is wether its good or bad news the PS haters are out. They can't make up there minds. Goes to show you how much of beautiful turn around Microsoft has had since E3 2013. Keep up the good work Microsoft

Multiplatguy1253d ago

It's pretty sad that so many users of a different console keep coming to Xbox news and make it a very hostile place for Xbox owners to even discuss the thing. And this site is set up horribly so it enables this to be a thing.

Make a troll comment about Xbox and watch it get so many agrees, make a troll comment about PS and watch it get taken down in minutes.

I own all the consoles and love them. But PS fans are just as annoying as those PC masterrace guys and instead of discussing the articles, I always see some stupid fanboy comment and end up replying to it instead. This site needs to be rethought.

gangsta_red1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

I'm looking at the comments above and the fact that people can't even discuss Xbox, MS, Xbox features or games without the discussion turning into a sales debate, DX12 is fake or being called a MS defender when so many are attacking your console of choice.

Before the argument was Xbox has no games, now they need more games because they are sooo far behind and desperate. The argument just keeps changing and changing whenever these fanboys feel like it or run out of other things to complain about.

I can't wait to see what MS has at E3 as well as at Gamescon.

wegetsignalx1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

A large number of posters are making personal attacks against people who viewed Microsoft's actions in light of the reality that they are massively behind in Europe sales.

Being outsold 5:1 or worse in some European countries.

They are also spreading deliberate lies about Sony having no games to announce this year.

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