Report – Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition & Limited Collector’s Edition Box Art Revealed

Box art for both the Limited and Limited Collector’s Editions of Halo 5: Guardians has allegedly been revealed, courtesy of Gamestop Italy.

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crazychris41241254d ago

They are probably going to reveal a custom bundle like the COD AW bundle at E3 after a Halo 5 demonstration. Doubt its gonna be a slim but ya never know

TheRedButterfly1254d ago

Holmes did delete his tweet confirming the Limited Edition console, likely due to a few larger names catching wind, so the likelihood of an E3 announcement is practically confirmed.

Hopefully it will feature a 1TB (preferably 2TB) HDD and an enticing design. COD's was overly crowded and fairly ugly IMO. I'm more of a minimalist as far as design is concerned, so I'm "hoping" I will be getting an excuse to get another XO here in 6 months or so.

christocolus1253d ago

i hope they announce an xbox one(slim) Halo 1tb bundle. will buy it immediately.

LAWSON721254d ago

I may get the CE but I want to get the Halo 5 Xbone console if it looks nice.

Paytaa1254d ago

Have had the limited collectors edition pre-ordered since the day it got announced. Can't wait to finally get my hands on this game. Considering scrounging up enough money to get the inevitable Halo 5 console as well. October is soooo far away

ScorpiusX1254d ago

If their statues I better be able to pick which one I want , would hate to get stuck with a Locke statue cause they think it would be cool.

Paytaa1253d ago

It'd be cool if they had a statue about the size of the Reach Noble Team statue but with Chief and Locke in a face-off like pose.

-Foxtrot1253d ago

Thing is they've done a Chief statue before, it was an optional one at GAME (very limited and pricey) which came with the MCC limited edition.

I know she's not in the game but I would love a Cortana Statue.

BattleAxe1253d ago

I bought the Xbox One Advanced Warfare console with the 1TB hard drive, and I may just go ahead and buy a special edition Halo console if they release one in October. Hopefully if they do release a Halo edition console, it will come with a 1 TB hard drive also.

franwex1253d ago

I'm waiting for this game to come out to buy the xbone. I was hoping it was also a terabyte too!

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