The Witcher 3 PS4 Screenshots Show Full UI Options; Enormous Collector's Edition for PS4 & Xbox One

Looks like The Witcher 3's Collectors Editions for PS4 are already being delivered in Norway, as mentioned by two Reddit users, who also posted a picture of their bounty. The Xbox One version was shown by CD Projekt itself. The PS4 has a quite deep UI customization menu, and a developer gives reassurance about blood decals.

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PANDAB1259d ago

Props to CDPR for giving us so many game options - We can even change the size of the HUD (not just turn it on and off)

....and that is one huge box! Wish I had funds for a collectors' edition :(

starchild1259d ago

HUD customization options like that are so great to have. I wish all games gave you that much control over how the HUD looks and what is shown.

Kidmyst1258d ago

Makes me more glad I didn't go with the Collectors Edition, Statue is cool but that's really it for the extra cash, the art book, medallion and other stuff will go back in the box and in storage somewhere or on a shelf. Like the light up Frost Giant base for Disney Infinity Marvel PS4, takes up so much room.

starchild1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

So, you got your collector's edition you were talking about?

Edit: Oh yeah, you were one of the reddit users mentioned in the article. So cool, man. I envy you.

whothedog1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Is it weird that I see more info for the ps4 version than the xbox version even though MS has marketing rights to this, or am I mistaken?

bloodybutcher1258d ago

Damn...I'm getting it next week.

Toman851258d ago

Got the Collector's Edition on Playstation 4 myself yesterday.
I live in Norway, and the game is sick! :)