Far Cry 2 E3 2008 Stage Show Demo

Now that Far Cry has a new home following Ubisoft Montreal's capture of the Far Cry helm from Crysis developer Crytek, it's begun filling it with swanky new furniture. The lush jungle setting of the first game has been dumped in favour of a central African Savannah setting. Here is the video of Far Cry 2 demo shown at E3.

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roslindros3745d ago

And some nasty screan tearing hope there bolth fixed for launch

dro3744d ago

is it just me or is the video showing nothing but black ?

ZeVeX3744d ago

Pretty Much, can see a hand wagglein about, thats about it.

spunnups3744d ago

just broadcasted this over the radio

pow3r of t3h c3ll3744d ago

Why the graphics looked so disappointing but then they said it was the 360 version and all of a sudden everything made sense.


Thoas3744d ago

LOL that's what I was thinking too

DreDawgg063744d ago

Wow was this played on the Wii? The PC is really the only place to play this game the way it was intended. Looks very lackluster, I mean look at the Map it has no shadows!

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