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Unlike majority of the AAA titles, Project Cars was founded by developers themselves with a sizable, $5 million dollar support of the community. Crowd-funding took place on World of Mass Development portal and attracted over 80.000 backers, or ‘dedicated members’ as the Slightly Mad Studios like to call them. First screens and gameplay materials of the title showcased the spectacular graphical capabilities of Slightly Mad’s new creation, and as the time went on the studio slowly released more details on their game.

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hay1258d ago

6/10 is too low IMO. This is nowhere near professional level we're used to, but it's a solid game. Graphical execution is ok, details are lackluster, but overall presentation isn't all that bad to make it a minus. Though, yeah, feels like it's unfinished. But honest 7/10 wouldn't be so clickbaity, huh?

LifeInNZ1259d ago

6/10...little harsh. They should have stuck with PC then worked on a console version down the line if it turned out good. I think all formats suffered because they spread themselves a little thin.

kama8101259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

I wrote the review, and I agree with you completely. If it was a pc only game it would have been a much more satisfying and complex experience. Just like the newest iteration of the Dirt franchise which is PC only.

bunt-custardly1259d ago

You did know you can run multiple careers at the same time from the off so you're not just limited to the one car class?

You did know you can up the difficulty quite a bit so you're not just wiping the floor in every race?

I guess not.

TheBrownBandito1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

"I was sick and tired of driving the same car over and over again. Three seasons later, and with dozens of trophies, I’ve decided to retire, as minor league offers, which were only available to me at the time were simply an insult."

I call b******t.

And why don't you list the dozens of trophies you have won? I can't see dozens in the trophy list.

This really is a pathetic and subjective attempt to rubbish a perfectly good game by a fanboy of another IP. Why not just move along and wait for the next iteration of your favourite game to come out?

Either that, or try being objective instead.

Fationably Late1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Call me a pCars fanboy, but this 'review' does not touch on any valid point and all the negative points he makes don't get any backup; he just makes a statement and moves on.

I might agree with the writer's opinion on unrewarding gameplay (because you don't get a 2 minute cinematic celebrating your podium finish or tons of cash), but "Poor Graphical Execution" ?!?! I have to completely disagree with that. My PC only has a GTX 970 and I find the immersion better than most sims out there. I'll go as far to say that Drive Club has better rain.

Also, I don't think it's fair that he compares Project Cars with Gran Turismo. The two games don't focus on the same thing. Gran Turismo is a car collection game with racing aspects, while Project Cars focuses on racing (not on the moon). I also don't understand what they mean by "Doesn't feel like a complete game" or "hampered by a poor campaign". What does a complete racing sim game 'feel' like? Is he talking about the fact that you don't get XP or money? He can't be talking about progression, because there's plenty of that. I sincerely doubt the writer plays racing sim games, because the good ones don't do any of the things he complains about.

kraenk121259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Completely agree. I don't feel this is a professional review. It simply isn't trying to judge the game objectively and it seems the reviewer didn't 'get' what this game is supposed to be.

superterabyte1259d ago

Found the moon races a fun diversion myself.

ServerBOT1259d ago

Probably incomplete to him because it does not have a gazzilion cars like Grand Turismo.

I actually had more fun and think the menus and features were more well made than driveclub.

Dfooster1259d ago

A minus point for graphics. What has this guy been smoking. He sounds like a gran turismo fanboy to me and that system of buying and winning cars is old now. Time to move on my friend this is how real racing drivers progress

bamillington1259d ago

ignore this review its a good game

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