Sources: You Can Play As A Woman In Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

"Evie is one of the Assassin's Creed Syndicate's two main characters, alongside her brother Jacob."

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Jalva1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

You can never have too much Evie!

Aery1347d ago

This new AC features one of my favorite setting and now we get this awesome news.
I hope this game will turn great.

showtimefolks1347d ago

I just hope this games launches bug free and actually delivers a good story something the AC franchise has lacked since AC2

More power to you if you enjoy yearly releases but that is why the quality has suffered so much. Yes ubi has msny teams working over 2 to 3 years of development time you make a new AC game.

But the biggest issue is with time limit they really have teams of 800 plus people wo t ming on different aspects of each AC game in different parts of the world

It's like having too many head chefs in kitchen and that has shown it's ugly head in recent AC games when it comes to quality

Will AC series end this gen or will ubi keep making them as long as they sell. If I am not wrong originally AC series was suppose to be a trilogy

bixxel1346d ago

Soon I bet there'll be a new conspiracy agains AC S.
AC3= Anti-british
AC BF= Peta whaling issue
AC Unity= No female protagonist
AC S= ?? Not enough female gameplay time? Not 100 % female gameplay? These conspiracies are stupid!

Neonridr1347d ago

think this is from all the backlash back when Unity was revealed?

skulz71347d ago

Dude these games are in development for around 3 years. I really doubt they had the time to develop a playable character (that ties into the script and story) in the space of a year.

bixxel1346d ago

AC Syndicate started development since 2012. Check the Ubisoft Quebec site (Major project work since 2012=Syndicate)
Also Francois Pelland is the Senior Producer of ACS (he was also the Senior Producer on AC3) and Marc Alexis Cote is the Creative Director (he was the Creative Director of Tyranny of King Washington)

rdgneoz31347d ago

Probably. Though AC has had 2 female leads in games so far. The newest being the side scrolling AC game (which has had good reviews) and the other being the vita AC game (which never sold really well at all) that was later released with the PS version of Black Flag (which no one ever seemed to mention).

With Unity, SJWs cried foul, even though the co-op MP part was you just taking your main character and his gear into other main characters worlds (they want your character to get a sex change mid transition to your friends world?). The competitive parts have always had female characters in it, which the SJWs seemed to ignore.

Overall, I'd rather them release a working game (unlike Unity which needed a lot of patches after release to get anywhere close) than Ubi pandering to the SJWs.

Side note, "Syndicate will not have any multiplayer modes" - Sad. Unity's co-op had promise, and the competitive modes have always added a little fun to the games.

skulz71347d ago

I actually have never cared much for the multiplayer in AC games. I know many do though. I just think that perhaps this gives them the chance to focus purely on making a great single player campaign. I mean think AC 2 - that had no multi player yet it was a phenomenal game. Lets hope Syndicate will be great.

ZaWarudo1347d ago

Cool. I hope it's super steampunkish.

Timesplitter141347d ago

I'm kinda getting tired of the steampunk trend

Zeref1347d ago

What steampunk trend? Only steampunk game i can think of right now is The Order.

re2_apocalypse1347d ago

Dis guy on something strong... I tell ya

areisul1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

Any time I hear someone talking about a "steampunk" setting I just hear "I'm too unoriginal to come up with an interesting idea by myself and so I will just lazily tack pipes onto everything for easy nerd brownie points"

bixxel1346d ago

Dishonored was stempunk and it was awesome!
....Or was it whalepunk??

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-Foxtrot1347d ago

Oh dear, they are jumping on the two or more main character approach

It's worrying because Ubisoft haven't managed to make an interesting Assassin since Ezio. The guy had a good story which reflected on his character development and even just in the second game before his development was expanded in Brotherhood and Revelations he was a solid character.

Now they want to do two main characters :|

Talk about jumping into the deep end of the pool

I would of preferred it if the woman Assassin was kept for a WW2 game where all the men have went to war and she remains in London to discover the templar threat. Maybe something like Ezios story about she's a high up first class lady with it all only for her to stumble on something by accident and the templars end up destroying her high class life by killing her family and making her out to be a double agent working for the Germans or something.

Xavior_Reigns1347d ago

Fanfiction awaits you XD

The idea sounds neat at least so kudos!

Summons751347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

Ezio, interesting? Sorry if I wanted to see bland womanizers hitting on everything that moved then I would go to the bar. What made AC2 and Brotherhood interesting was first all the changes they made from 1 to 2 then all the side character and events that tied into the main story. Ezio was just that annoying character you really didn't want to play as. Brotherhood is still my favorite in the series and Unity, once all the problems were fixed, was a really fun game and gave me that AC2 vibe. Arno was a lot like Ezio except much less of an ***hole.

Also I got agree with your WW2 idea.

BecauseImBatman1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

I thought Edward Kenway was the most interesting character so far, it was refreshing to play as a character who's motives weren't (initially) righteous or virtuous but more interested in wealth and power, makes the character a bit more three dimensional.

You started out as a character who just wanted to make a fortune so he could live a good life. Then he got caught up in a all this Assassin, Templar business, unearthly technology etc. but what made AC4 one of the best AC games was it's primary approach being a pirate game, that's what made it awesome cause it was trying not to be an AC game :P (well as much as it could).

Ezio was good in AC2 and Brotherhood but Revelations felt unneeded in my opinion. Conor was the most dull characters ever made period, Altair wasn't explored enough in the first game. Arno was a copy of Ezio except he was french and less interesting...

I don't know if a female protagonist can shake it up, if she is compelling and interesting enough then I'm sure they could make an interesting enough story so I'm on board with this brother/sister duo. Multiple characters can work as long as it is handled well (example GTA 5). I don't know about a revenge story in London, seems a little played out with AC2 and Unity basically being revenge stories and Unity blatantly copying AC2 story... I want something fresh and different and new. Like AC4. Not trying to say your idea is crap or anything btw, just the whole revenge thing is a bit played out with me atm but yeah that would be a cool idea for a later game.

showtimefolks1347d ago

That was the last time AC series actually had a good character she story. I feel like now ubi are trying to make everyone happy

Instead they should just focus on creating the best game with their vision. I don't play as a female character in games even if then the option. Like in mass effect is always make characters

But now a days you have these idiots running around say ubi are against women or R* sho UK is add women character

That's why I love R* they will never come under pressure to do something

I am starting to hate this gaming industry now where a developer or publisher has to add a female character otherwise they aew evil

Seriously people it's gaming who the heck cares

thricetold1347d ago

Lots of people care who are tired of looking at the same cookie cutter he man to appeal to tha dude bro's.

showtimefolks1346d ago

Oh yeh and a female character with triple D's is Real. Give me a damp break

Look at Bayonetta 2
silent in mgs 5
and I can keep going

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Sarah_Ch1347d ago

Finally!! Was waiting for this since assassin's creed liberation

Ogygian1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

You mean all you care about is a female character?

Not, you know, game mechanics and plots which aren't stale, and actually move forward at a reasonable pace?

I guess some people are easy to please.

rdgneoz31347d ago

And if all she cares about is a female character, why hasn't she played the AC china game? It does have a female lead...

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