Amiibo Wave 4 Stock Leaked

Gamespresso: A few hours ago, a Reddit user by the name of FlapSnapple posted leaked information about the wave 4 amiibos.

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kirbyu1254d ago

"No offense to Jigglypuff fans, but I doubt they’ll sell out."

They will if Jigglypuff is exclusive to Target, which she is.

Summons751254d ago

Jigglypuff is going to be one of the first to sell out honestly.

jholden32491254d ago

Pre orders sold out in minutes! And it's sold out all over the world, not just here in the US where it's exclusive.

RosweeSon1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Yeah the official Nintendo UK store sold out in under 2 minutes they were meant to go on sale at 15:00 luckily I went on at 14:58 and they were gone by about 15:01 so 3 minutes max Game/Zavvi and Shopto have all also sold out same as Greninja.
Not only that where's the numbers or a photo of these so called stock levels.

paddy951254d ago

I want them all! Can they up the price so they don't sell out as easily? maybe $50 dollars each?

Concertoine1254d ago

I wonder what the game and watch amiibo will look like :o

1254d ago
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