Donkey Kong 64: The good, the bad, and the Miiverse reaction

GameCrate: "DK64 did too much and ended up with some heinous flaws — flaws that stick out now more than ever. Still, that doesn't take too much away from what is an overall solid 3D platformer. Let's take a look at the good and the bad, as well as the general Miiverse reaction toward the game."

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Snookies121260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

This was one of my favorite N64 games, still is actually.

Geobros1260d ago

It was good, but I waiting something better to be honest. One thing I can remember now I didnt like it was the final boss. Banjo's Grutilda battle was amazing!!

TheSanchezDavid1260d ago

I actually enjoyed the K. Rool battle, but yes, the encounter with Grunty was much more awesome.

Concertoine1259d ago

That was a damn hard final boss too.

TheSanchezDavid1260d ago

Same here. I still had a lot of fun with it, but there was also plenty of frustration.

bacrec11260d ago

I wish we could get bad fur day in the eshop.

Mikito111259d ago

I wish, with multiplayer made to work online would be amazing! Shame they wrecked the whole multiplayer on the xbox remake :(

Germany71260d ago

I really liked the game, a great 3D platformer and a classic Rare game. Would be great another Donkey Kong game like that.

TheSanchezDavid1259d ago

Yeah, as much as I love the new DKC games, I'd definitely be up for a new 3D DK.

DialgaMarine1259d ago

DK64 was an amazing game. Very few N64 games were without flaw, so that's an unfair argument. I hope Nintendo is considering a remake

wonderfulmonkeyman1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

If only Nintendo had kept Rare...
That said, I've been replaying DK64 for a while now.
It's still as fun as I remember in most areas, but...
It never really struck me how much I disliked some of the minigames until now.
There was this one minigame later on where you have to hit a golden banana by shooting melons at it during the brief moment the lights are on, while avoiding hitting the kongs.
The first time you do it, this stage is cake.
But the second or third time, the lights stay on so briefly that the melon won't hit unless you fire RIGHT as the lights turn on.
Superhuman reaction speed would be needed to do it normally.
Since I lack that, I found myself pausing just as the lights were coming on so I could get a bead on the thing, then do an instant shot after unpausing.

Other minigames suffer from the same thing: cake the first time, bat-shit crazy difficulty spike in subsequent versions.
It made the game slightly less fun for me than it used to be, for some reason, but I'm still having one hell of a fun time.XD

TheSanchezDavid1259d ago

Ah, Krazy Kong Klamour! Hate that one! And yes, I beat it pretty much the same way you did. I didn't even feel bad about it considering just how crappy that minigame really is.

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